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6 Reasons Men and Women Choose to Remain Single

There are many people who are single because they choose to be so. If you go by the Gallup poll, you will find that more that 60% of men and women between the ages of 18 to 29 are still single. The society of today believes that once you reach this age, it is necessary to be in relationships to have a more fulfilling life, but there are some individuals who dare to defer. They find that living single gives you the liberty to live life to the fullest without any attachments and prohibitions.

There are numerous reasons to be single but below are 6 main reasons why people choose to be single:

They are Happy Being Single

Some people are happy just the way they are, completely fulfilled with their single life, seeing no reasons to enter a relationship. With the increasing number of marriages ending in a separation, some are fearful of stepping into it while some do not find it worthwhile putting all the effort and yet being unsure of how it might end. Some do not want to risk being betrayed and hurt and thus end up unhappy. You may feel that the single by choice may be missing on the relationship level, but they do not feel so as they are very happy being single.

The Desire to work on oneself

Some feel that being single gives them the time to spend on self-development endlessly without being answerable to anyone else. They believe that when in a relationship, you tend to focus more on your partner and have a tendency to neglect yourself. Self-development is definitely a positive attitude where you can work on converting all your vulnerabilities into your strengths. Being single gives you that extra freedom to work on yourself as you wish.

Their focus is on building their career

Many people choose to remain single, mainly because their entire focus is on growing in the respective fields of their profession. They want to put their entire effort into reaching the zenith of their career. They desire to be completely independent financially especially in this competitive world so that their future remains secure.

They want to avoid a serious commitment

Many of the men and women today flee from entering into the committed relationship of marriage for the sole reason that it takes away their freedom to delve into and explore relationships with others. They do not wish to get stuck into serious commitment where there is no option of turning back without a legal separation.

They are satisfied with the people currently in their lives

Another reason that people do not wish to add another member and another family to their circle of relationships is that they are very content with the people in their lives. They do not feel the need of expanding their people network.

They have been through hurtful relationships in the past

Some people dread being in a relationship because of their past experiences. They want to avoid going through all the pain of an unpleasant relationship once again. It is just that they wish to protect themselves from further harm.

Every young man or woman has a choice in front of them- to get married or to remain single. Remember to choose a vocation that gives you contentment. If being single makes you happy, that’s the best choice for you.