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6 Reasons To Learn To Love Handstands

Typically, when people imagine doing a handstand, they think of a complicated maneuver that seems pretty impractical and hard to do. While this picture can seem pretty valid in your head, it’s simply not true- with just a little bit of practice, you could be doing handstands, and experiencing all the benefits of these kinds of exercises with just a little help and a little practice. In fact, these types of exercises provide all kinds of benefits that are hard to get from other exercises, and there’s simply no comparison to the results and benefits you’ll start to see.

After you read the information that’s presented here, you’ll indubitably want to jump right in and start doing handstands like the professionals, but we suggest taking your time, and starting slowly. You’ll feel inclined to throw yourself over no matter where you are, and expect your arms to be able to hold you up, despite never having practiced these exercises- in reality you’ll want a solid wall or a good friend to start with assisted hand or headstands. As you practice and gain more strength and experience, you’ll be more able to do them unassisted.

  • Great for Stress Relief

When you’re in a handstand position, all of your blood is flowing directly to your brain which stimulates and calms you at the same time; especially when you’re feeling stress. Blood is flushed through the adrenal glands, working to help slow your production of cortisol- which creates your stressed feeling. Simply doing a handstand has been known to relieve stress in the short term and help with minor depression.

  • Builds Strength in Your Core and Shoulders

Doing a simple unassisted handstand (sometimes even assisted ones, too) take a lot of strength when you’re trying to hold and maintain them. Typically, you’ll feel a dramatic difference in your shoulders, upper back and core, even if you’re cheating while you’re performing them. Simply starting to perform handstands for 10 seconds at a time for 3 consecutive sets can make a difference, then you just work from there in ten second increments until you’ve lasted a whole minute.

  • Improves Your Spacial Awareness

When you get in a handstand position, prepare to see the world on its head. If you haven’t practiced this much before, you could be extremely disoriented, but after you do it more and more you’ll get used to the perspective. According to research performed in the UK, the amount of athleticism it takes to hold yourself upside down with your legs in the air and your arms outstretched dramatically improves your balance and spatial awareness.

  • Improved Balance

As mentioned in the previous benefits, you’ll begin building muscle groups that keep your body balanced, no matter the physical exertion you’re putting yourself through, gaining a unique relationship between different areas of the body that you need to keep you on your toes and balanced the best- and your body can quickly adjust to the right position to maintain your balance. This, in turn, keeps you more in tune with the movements of your body.

  • Stimulates the Function of Your Endocrine System

The effort that it takes to perform a headstand or handstand stimulates your endocrine system- regulating your mood, growth and development, tissue functions, sexual functions, and even other different types of bodily functions. When your body is turned upside-down and blood rushes to your pituitary glad, its stimulated to help set a point for your body to be at a healthy weight. The inversion also regulates the production of T3 and T4 in your thyroid, further affecting your metabolism.

  • Break Down Mental Barriers, One Step at a Time

If you’ve ever thought that you’d never be able to do a headstand, no matter how hard you try, then this last benefit is for you. Taking the time and practice to train your body to do this technique and gaining the necessary strength to do it right will allow you to figure out that you are much more capable than you thought you were, building your confidence and letting you accomplish further physical goals as well as continuing to build strength. It’s not so much about simply building confidence, it’s figuring out that you can do things with a little bit of vested effort and perseverance, and carry that same attitude to other aspects of your life to live a happier, healthier existence.

Source: Collective-Evolution 

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