5 Ways To Stop Overthinking Everything

Everyone can be guilty of overthinking things from time to time and some people are guiltier of this than others.

With as many as 1800 words per minute racing through our brains, it is little wonder that thoughts can have a huge impact on the way you live your life. However, overthinking is not a good thing with some studies suggesting that it can lead to poor decision-making and bad judgement. The majority of our thoughts are related to negative emotions, such as fear, worthlessness, inadequacy and failure. As many as 95 percent of our thoughts are repeated daily; so overthinking can lead to having these negative thoughts over and over again. For these reasons, it is worth taking the following five steps to prevent you from overthinking.

1. Changing Self-Talk

It is not just how often we think that is important, it is the way we think. Self-talk is a thought process where people give themselves messages mentally and justify their actions. Changing how you self-talk can prevent you from constantly overthinking. Rather than focusing on the negatives, it is important that your self-talk is motivational and positive.

2. Thinking Bigger

Looking at the bigger picture rather than worrying about the minor details can help you to gain a perspective and stop overthinking. Stopping thinking about what you can do and extending this to what you want to do can help you with self-growth and prevent those negative thoughts from taking hold.

3. Alone-Time for Thinking

Outside influences, such as drama and other people’s opinions, can influence overthinking. To gain a proper perspective on your thoughts and consequent actions, it is important to spend some time alone to clarify which are your own thoughts and which are those created from mixing with other people’s views and other external factors.

4. Meditate

Meditation is a great method for helping people to take control of their thoughts. Although it doesn’t clear the mind of all thought processes, it can help you to stop thinking about trivial matters and to focus on the present.

5. Stop Seeking Approval

It is normal for people to crave the approval of others to a certain extent. However, seeking approval can cause overthinking to increase. Comparing ourselves to other people can have some positive outcomes, including motivating you to improve and set yourself goals to achieve. Unfortunately, focusing too much on the approval of others is more likely to have a negative impact on your life. You will spend so long worrying about what others think of you that you will miss out on new opportunities and begin to view yourself negatively in comparison to others.

Therefore, trying to stop seeking the approval of others can help you to stop overthinking.

By using these simple strategies, you can stop yourself from overthinking and reduce the number of negative thoughts you have each day. They will help you to focus on the positive and this can improve many areas of your life, including motivation, decision-making, judgement and self-confidence.

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