5 Types Of Friends That You Should Dump

As the years go by, we as human tend to progress in life, negatively or positively. According to various studies that have been conducted in the last couple of years, friends can have a lot to do with the position that you currently find yourself in, especially if you often run to them for advice. In order for everything to go well, it is important to have friends who are positive. You need friends who can have a positive impact in your life, not a negative one. The following list mentions the top five types of friends that you should avoid at all costs.

The Top Five Types of Friends That You Should Dump

The Complainer

You definitely don’t want to have friends who are complainers, as this type of attitude will rub onto you. According to a study, those individuals who have a roommate in college who is always complaining–is more than likely to develop negative thoughts and thus does not do good in his/her studies.

The complainer never reinforces positive advice, which means that you will be wasting your time trying to change the way she/he thinks. Remember that a complainer seems to be the happiest when the glass is empty.

The Naysayer

A friend who is a naysayer is an individual who is scared of taking risks. This type of friend will always reject your goals. This reaction will definitely upset you, as you want somebody to support you in all the things that you want to accomplish in life–instead of bringing you down. A naysayer just doesn’t understand how many goals can be reached.

In order to find out who is a naysayer and who is not, you should lay back and analyze who gas gone the extra mile in life to attain the things they desired, and who has remained a conformist.

The Doubter

A friend who doubts almost everything is more dangerous than a naysayer friend, because a doubter starts off supporting what you want to accomplish but then soon begins to undermine your efforts by making you have doubts.
If you keep being his/her friend, you will soon develop self-doubt; therefore, it is recommended that you always leave the doubter at bay.

The Bragger

It might be time to cut a bragger friend loose if you are frequently being caught on his/her accomplishments instead of achieving your own. It is okay to share achievements with friends, but there are some friends who go overboard. This is due to them having low self-esteem. They have to find it within themselves to not always be bragging about what they have done in the past.

The Flake

When you are friends with somebody who is a flake, you are constantly being let down by him/her. A flake constantly fails to show up on time, prefers to place a photo on Instagram than to pay attention to you, takes a couple of days to reply to your messages, and etc.
What is the point of having a friend like that? No point whatsoever! You need friends who have your back and really show the love that they have for
you by treating you with respect.

Bottom line: Remember to always surround yourself with friends who are empowering, not draining.

By: Frances Luna


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