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5 Top Moments In Life That Have A Spiritual Background

As a human in this world, you will experience highs and lows throughout your life that will reflect in your physical expressions. There are some moments that will make you weep, ones that will take your breath away, and others what will fill you with extreme joy.

At times, these emotions are actually spiritual moments that are in disguise in order to place you in touch with the higher being (spirit). The following are a couple of spiritual moments that all of us have shared at some point in life but have not realized that their background is spiritual.

1. Hearing a familiar song on the radio

Whenever you find yourself driving and begin to think about something or someone very important and an old familiar song begins to play on the radio that brings back memories that go hand-in-hand with what you are thinking about that certain someone or something, it is not a coincidence. It is a message from your love one or the Divine, letting you know that everything is okay.

2. Rays of sunshine making their way through clouds

There is a famous saying that says that if you notice rays of sunshine making their way through the clouds, this means that God is answering the prayers of someone and a reminder to the rest of us that there is a silver lining, even though we are not the ones who are experiencing the happiness at that particular moment. We definitely might later on in life.

3. Cherish a ‘that could be me’ moment

There are times in life when negative things occur. There are times when you get saved by the bell, as you were able to avoid them by making your way through them without getting harmed or by taking another route. Always be thankful that nothing happened to you when it ‘should have.’ If you felt that you were able to prevent that negative element from harming you emotionally or physically because of a guardian angel looking over you, it is more than likely that that was the case.

4. Tears of joy

When you find yourself crying due to happiness, consider this to be a blessing. It is a spiritual enlightenment. Tears of any kind are spiritual release; therefore, release it and make sure to enjoy the moment.Contrary to popular believe, crying is healthy for one’s system.

5. Attaining a message from a stranger

There are certain strangers that come into one’s live with unique messages. It is not a coincidence. Believe it or not, the universe brings the adequate individuals into our lives at the exact minute that we need some kind ofhelp in a certain area of our life. Talking to strangers that approach us in our time of need can help us learn a lot and thus grow as human beings. Always listen to your gut when a stranger approaches you, as you should always be cautious.

This life is more than watching television, shopping, work, and money. Stop and start analyzing your life so that you can start taking full advantage of gratifying moments such as the ones previously mentioned.

By: Frances Luna

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