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5 Top Life Lessons For A Sensitive Person

There are hundreds of thousands of people who are considered highly sensitive. These people make up between 15 and 20 percent of the population. Because the numbers are not high enough, it is not considered a “condition”, therefore, it is not quite understood by most.

There are many people who look at being highly sensitive as a defect or downfall, as it does not fit into the social norms of how a person should act in public. What most people do not know, is that a person who is highly sensitive is more aware, more compassionate, more forgiven, and are often more driven.

A sensitive person always believes that things can always be better, and they will work as hard as possible to make it so. Most sensitive people cannot see any type of suffering without trying to relieve the pain. They cannot see heartache without expressing love, and they cannot see a challenge without needing to find a solution to the problem. Sensitive people are incredibly empathetic, and that empathetic nature is often invisible to most. Because of this, it is often misunderstood or ignored by most people. Sensitive people are so giving of their time and energy that they often forget to take the time to care for themselves. Because there are so many outside influencers who have expectations regarding how you should act, this innate quality can be difficult to navigate.

The best way for sensitive people to put things into perspective, these are five lessons that they should learn.

Lesson 1: Embrace and Control your Emotional Responses

A sensitive person sees the world differently than most. This vision comes with a great deal of power and responsibility. Because sensitive people can feel what others are feeling, they feel a moral obligation to help. They react to situations with much more emotion and they react faster. On the surface, this looks like a good thing. It can look like an admirable trait. Unfortunately, there are many challenges with reacting to a situation in the heat of heightened emotion. The other person may not want your help. You may not be able to provide the kind of help that they want, or you could end up doing more harm than good.

The best thing that you can do is try to forget out the desire to help. Instead, you should understand the true nature of the situation, and try to leave the emotional connection out of the equation. You should take time to think not just emotionally, but also logically before you jump into action. You need to understand that no matter how hard you try, that you cannot save the world. The responsibility comes in choosing your reaction wisely.

Lesson 2: Protect Yourself, Listen to and Trust Your Inner Guide

Sensitive people have a strong intuition that comes from their heightened awareness of what is happening around them. Unfortunately, they do not always pay attention to what their gut is telling them. Because of their highly sensitive nature, they tend to be more trusting and they take others at their word. There are people that will take advantage of that. This is why it is so important to listen to your inner guide. This inner source of wisdom protects and warns you to tread carefully into the situation. Because sensitive people are so focused on helping other people, they often ignore the signs that their inner guide is trying to provide. You should pay as much attention to your inner guide as you do with your desire to help others. Doing this allows you to help yourself. This will put you in a better position to help others.

Lesson 3: Stay Focused on Things that Really Matter

Because people are so aware and absorb so much of the energy that surrounds them, it is easy for them to lose focus and take other people’s problems on as if they were their own. It is important that you stay focused on the things that really matter in your life first. You should try to avoid over-committing yourself to the point where you become overwhelmed. You may be quick to say yes at first; however, after contemplating the situation, you may realize that you are not the best person to handle the task at hand. This can lead to you over-complicating and over thinking the situation to the point where your own responsibilities are put aside. You should put your own priorities first, and help when it makes sense. If you cannot help, try to find other resources to solve the problem.

Lesson 4: Being Sensitive is Not the Same as Being Week

People who are not overly sensitive like you may take your ability to empathize and feel as a weakness. The truth is, it takes great inner strength to feel the constant joy, sadness, and heartache of those around you. It is not a burden that you choose to carry, it is a gift which you were entrusted. The key to using your gift with purpose, and in a way that you can service others, is to rely on that inner strength. It is that strength that keeps you strong and keeps you from internalizing the energy that is so easy for you to absorb. It gives you the fortitude to use the energy that you encounter, and then re-purpose it back into the world with positivity and grace.

Lesson 5: Be Courageous and continue to Live From your Authentic Truth

The biggest lesson that you must learn as a sensitive person is to not allow people who do not understand your gift, change you. Often times, it is easier to hide your sensitive side rather than be judged by it. It is important to continue to live your truth and be proud of your sensitive nature. It is who you are, and the world needs you to share it. Doing so will create a more loving, kind, and peaceful world.

The greatest gifts in life can be a burden at times, and being sensitive is a gift. If you remember these lessons, they will keep you grounded in your true nature while allowing others to benefit from your gift.

By: Kelli Dicks

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