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5 Tips On How To Get Personal Wisdom

The great Budda once said “Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back and choose the path that leads to wisdom” wise words indeed!

Wisdom is not something that we can read about or learn through a lesson, it is something that we only gain from what we have gone through in life and we all have to learn from our past to apply it to our present and the future. In 1922, G Stanley Hall wrote that you associate wisdom with personal experience and should have a meditative attitude, impartiality, philosophic calmness and the desire to draw from our life lessons experiences.

Unfortunately our daily lives lead us astray from the things that we really need to focus on and this leaves us out of touch with our true selves. We need to take more time to identity what it is that is inhibiting our intuition and then we will discover the inner connection that we are all searching for.

Here are 5 ways that you may be holding back your wisdom without knowing:

  • 1/ You are too quick to judge a book by its cover

Never rely on first impressions as you could be missing some beautiful and important life lessons that lie just beneath the surface. Also try to keep an open mind and have empathy and connect with others rather than judging them at first glance. This is the way to learn from experience and interaction and gain your personal wisdom.

  • 2/ You don’t seem to learn by your failures

When we feel embarrassed, humiliated or feel pain from our experiences then we tend to shut these negative feelings out instead of dealing with them. The problem is that if we don’t acknowledge them and consequently deal with them, that in the future these feeling will come up again, so practice mindfulness and embrace these feelings no matter how uncomfortable they feel and you will learn from these experiences.

  • 3/ You never seem to take the time to stop and ask why?

Do you really hear other people and full engage with them or do you think you are listening but really it is all going over your head? Try to give people your undivided attention as it will make all the difference in your life and the person you are speaking to. If you can fully engage another person then you will be inspired to have new thought processes and gain much wisdom.

  • 4/ You ignore your instincts

Do you find that your wisdom is syncing with your actions and your intuition? These gut feelings that you have are your personal wisdom that gives you reason and the ability to feel if something is right or wrong for you. There may be asocial stigma attached to using our hunches because there is no known scientific evidence to prove their validity but sometimes this is just the tool you need to find that sense of balance.

  • 5/ You don’t embrace the silence

This saying just about sums things up ” Wise men talk because they have something to say, fools, because they have to say something” – Plato.
A recent scientific study revealed that 25 % of women and 67% of men would prefer to give themselves an electric shock rather that be still in silence and just think their thoughts. Our modern life of constant communication and stimulation makes our silence feel very unnatural and then we feel uncomfortable, when we really should be embracing this silence to gain personal wisdom.

Always try to take the time to sit quietly alone with your thoughts and see where they lead you. You will be amazed at just how much wisdom you will gain when you learn to listen to yourself.

Source: Huffingtonpost





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