5 Things You Shouldn’t Accept In Relationships

All relationships are difficult, they take work. Our idealistic views about relationships and making them fit our ideals of perfection, this is counter productive. Very often, we find ourselves accepting things that shouldn’t be acceptable, just to keep things stable in a relationship. Nothing is perfect in life and relationships are full of complexities, but there is no reason to accept things that are unhealthy. This is something most of us have trouble dealing with in our relationships. For today why not try to understand what isn’t good for us?
So with that in mind, here are 5 things you shouldn’t accept in relationships.

1. Changing Yourself To Be Accepted

Needing to be something other than yourself for another person is exhausting. This is an accommodation that is a sure sign that the relationship is one sided. Something about the individual and yourself is not in sync, otherwise you would show them who you really are. It doesn’t matter why you try to change yourself to be accepted, what matters is that you feel unable to be yourself and this shouldn’t be acceptable to be with anyone.

2. Behaviors That Break Trust

Trust is an important aspect in all real relationships. Knowing that your relationship has a solid foundation is the key to making it last. If the foundation of your life together is built upon mistrust, it is sure to wreck havoc within the emotions and communication between those involved together. When someone continually breaks your trust, it isn’t something to feel guilty about. Because it isn’t your fault, but it is a natural reaction to place blame upon yourself,, since you trusted the person in question. Only by going through life experiences can we learn to trust or not trust any individual.

3. Patterns of Laziness

In order to find happiness, a relationship must be grounded in each person being happy individually. Taking time to do things as a couple can be tough, but it also must be a priority. Being lazy is a pattern that needs to be broken, so why not exercise and get in shape together. This kind of activity builds bonding experiences that create a stronger relationship. The physical benefits will help to enhance your sex life, health and the longevity of your relationship.

4. Unnecessary Competition

On the other side, sometimes being competitive can bring out the worst in a relationship. A shared goal of losing weight can turn into a vicious game that causes both people to attack each other, pointing out weaknesses or trying to out do one another. Being supportive is good for achieving goals as a couple, but encouragement has no place with unnecessary competition. Try to remember this, have your best possible intentions, when doing activities with the person you love.

5. Cycles of Negative Energy

The final and most important of all things you shouldn’t accept in relationships is being negative. Keeping a relationship positive and uplifting is the goal. You should feel inspired and in awe of your partner, waiting for the next time you see them. Your heart, mind and body should be stimulated when they are with you. Unfortunately, many couples get into cycles of negative energy that are destructive to the relationship.


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