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5 Sure Ways To Raise Your Intuition

The feelings and voices you get when you’re alone are quite evident the moment you’re in a busy environment and they’re gone. It’s called intuition, and for some reasons, each of us needs some intuition in order to cope with life’s challenges.

Intuition refers to acquiring knowledge in the mind without any reason to back it up. This English word comes from the Latin word, Intueri, which means to consider. And according to the definition somewhere on Wikipedia, it means to contemplate.

Therefore, if you observe the deeper meaning of this word, you realize it means to at least contemplate in the mind. It’s also interesting that when you take time to be with yourself, the inner voice which we call intuition becomes louder and clear. The voice is undeniable audible in our hearts and minds.

Let’s take an example of an entrepreneur. These people have always had an intuition to move towards or away from a client. And when they obey their intuition, they realize that doing the opposite would have worked against them. On the other hand, those who have chosen to ignore their intuition have ended up suffering the consequences in one way or the other.

So, how exactly do you improve your intuition and distinguish genuine information that you can trust from that which you cannot trust?

Here are 5 things that improve your intuition

1 You should connect with yourself and your breath

Some people refer to it as meditation or reflecting upon oneself. Whatever name you call it, just dedicate half an hour to yourself so you can listen to the quiet thoughts in your mind and heart.

You should practice the mind in such a way that those thoughts just come and go without judgement. You can also recognize the rising sensation of each thought as it arises. If you meditate properly, you will increase the clarity of your intuition.

Intuitions address you in form of voices, sounds, pictures, words and sensations. As you grow accustomed to listening to yourself, you will be able to discern trustworthy information from that which cannot be trusted.

2 Listen to the voices

When the voices come, allow yourself to listen to them. You should have a mindset that is always ready to welcome voices as they come by. That way, you’ll receive messages to act upon.

3 Have a conversation with yourself

You can ask yourself questions to evaluate your mind. If possible, you should write the question in a paper so you can answer them later. This is one way of activating the inner voice to communicate more.

4 Journaling your thoughts

Intuition is characterized by subtle thoughts which can disappear quickly. You’re likely to lose them because you don’t trust those thoughts in the first place.

However, by putting down your thoughts as a point of reference, you’ll be able to come back later and evaluate them. It even stimulates the reticulated activating system whose main job is to try finding evidence that support thoughts.

5 Have trust in yourself

It’s difficult to trust in yourself. However, when you take a step and trust yourself, you’ll gradually build that trust. It’s a leap of faith you have to make when trusting intuitive thoughts. Without trust, you can never realize the benefits of intuition.

If you’ve been looking for how to cultivate intuition, the 5 tips above will help you gain a meaningful experience from intuitive thoughts.


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