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5 Steps To Learn How To Listen To Your Intuition

Do you have a nagging feeling that a vital piece is missing from your life? Do you feel like you are not living out your life in accordance with your true calling? Are you confused about what your purpose may even be? Maybe you are seeking a purpose, but you feel that no matter where you look, you are unable to find an answer to this question.

I can identify with how frustrating this process can be, because I attempted to search for my purpose for years, and this was not an effective solution to my woes. Seeking your purpose externally tends to be a fruitless pursuit. What’s keeping you static is that you are seeking outside answers, but you are not listening to your internal intuition. This occurs, because you are without a familiar process or a way to word the emotion you are trying to convey with regard to trusting your inner guide, which always has the uniquely appropriate answers that suit your individual path.

I can guarantee that when you start really hearing and connecting with that guidance within (and you will get there), it will become an integral element of whatever activity in which you are engaged. You will start depending on this inner guide and you can feel confident with the choices you make and the following steps that will truly fulfill your soul’s calling.There is a method you can employ to facilitate this occurrence. Below are five actions that will teach you how to listen deeply and directly to your intuition within, and to utilize it to unearth your hidden purpose.

1. Be creative with practicing meditation!

Meditation is the most effective device to assist you with connecting with your inner guide. Your mind needs freeing from its conscious clutter for you to connect with yourself and not only hear — but actively listen — to your internal intuition. However, it’s vital to be creative with the process, because formal seated mediation isn’t a practice that is effective for everyone. Take a long walk, sing, play a musical instrument, knit, jog. Regardless of what you do, be sure that you find a meditative practice that allows you to feel mindful and observe the present moment, which will allow you to be aware of your thoughts.

Your ultimate goal is to open your mind and heart to your inner teacher. Due to everyone’s possession of a strong intuitive sense, each one of us holds an essentially spiritual nature. Own your spiritual nature, and tune into your higher, wiser part of yourself. Each time you meditate, you are connecting more deeply with your soul, so it’s a good idea to perform this act on a daily basis.

2. Ask questions and get answers with your trusted source.

Take some time out to have a written question and answer session with your god, guides, the Universe, or even your higher self, whatever you personally label it.

This process can be performed in three steps.
– Write down a very specific question. You may wish to inquire what your purpose is, or what your next step in realizing your purpose is.
– Wait for your answer to the questions you have asked. When your answer comes, ask the next question you have. If you don’t get an answer, consider asking the question with a different approach. Initially, you may feel that you are making up the answers yourself, but with practice, you’ll quickly realize that the ideas tend to naturally flow. You’ll start to see evidence that words that are foreign to what you would normally use are surfacing. That’s when you know your source should be trusted.

3. Embark upon a daily practice of asking, praying, and connecting (whatever you want to label it).

Regardless of the context, you can’t just ask for something a single time and anticipate receiving every answer to every question. Just like anything else you learn during your life, asking and receiving takes practice. To begin with, simply adopt the habit of asking for answer(s) each day. Summoning wisdom is easy, quick, and effective! Why? It depends almost totally on your own process of connecting with what it is that you want. By visualizing, you facilitate the possibility of making your dreams manifest themselves.

If you’ve been asking and not getting answers, be attentive to the thoughts and words you are using. You need to be positive and very specific with regard to what you are asking. When you have a limited belief, it can limit your experience. So, utilize words that are expansive, hopeful, and empowering.

4. Pay attention to signs.

Many people believe answers come with a distinctly clear voice, but that doesn’t occur like it does in the movies. Usually, life’s messages are subtle when they arrive. You might overhear a conversation between strangers that resonates with thoughts you have recently experienced. You may receive multiple e-mails from various senders that refer you to the same course, book, website, or mentor. You may continually collide paths with a person that has returned from your past. Pay close mind to these possible omens, and trust their weighty messages. Signs aren’t just any run of the mill event; they often surface as coincidences or synchronicity.

5. Retain an intuition diary.

People receive intuitive messages throughout the day, but usually, people are distracted or too busy to pay them mind. Whatever your focus is in life, it will make its way into your experience. Therefore, if you wish to heighten your divine information seeking sessions, it’s vital to pay close attention to what your trusted source and intuition are telling you. Once you have done that, you can make things occur. For instance, when you keep a diary, a record of daily signs and intuitive messages will assist you with receiving more of them more often with higher accuracy.

Most importantly, you have to accept the all-encompassing messages the universe is communicating to you, and act on them accordingly. A common mistake is believing that you are not getting messages, or that you feel as if you’re not hearing your own intuition, but what is really happening is that you received a message, but it wasn’t what you were anticipating, or you didn’t particularly like the message, so you dismissed it. Be mindful of those defensive impulses, and provoke yourself to perform acts without regard to the way your assumptions, judgments, or expectations are telling you to take action.


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