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5 Signs You’re Holding Onto Negative Energy

At times, having negative energy is equivalent to taking slow poison. It may result to death in the long run. It can eat up an individual physically, spiritually and emotionally. Negative energy is poisonous.

Here Are 5 Signs That You Are Holding Onto Negative Energy

Unknowingly Calling An End To Things You Enjoyed Doing

Negative energy and negative emotions tend to disrupt your normal life. You become so much overwhelmed with negative thoughts to an extent that you cannot do the things you loved or enjoyed doing in the past. You have no energy to do them. You should make an effort to get rid of such negativity. You are advised to take a cup of coffee outside your house before leaving for work in office. You can also walk in your compound with your barefoot. This can help to release the negativity. You should start seeing yourself as a worthy person and just be happy to be who you are. With time, the negative energy will be eliminated.

Being Overcome By Guilt

If you like thinking about your past life filled with guilt and shame, experience chest palpitations especially at night or suffering from insomnia, these could be signs that you are holding on this kind of energy that is detrimental to your health. But because you are constantly on the move during daytime, you may not be able to identify the signs. Your mind begins to create situations thus bringing about panic at night when you are at rest.

You are not in a position to get rid of the fear at night. Fear of unknown strikes you. You feel uncomfortable. National Institue Health scientists conducted research which showed that there are many levels which cells respond to an individual’s stress. The speed of heart beat increases and muscles become tense. Blushing may also occur. In other words, stress has negative impact on normal functioning of cells.But you do not need to fight against such effects. Instead, you should begin to breathe mindfully. This can be done by holding one of your nostrils and then breathing through the other.

Loss of Weight

Sudden change of weight is a clear indicator that you are holding on negative energy. When your mind is filled with negativity, you are likely to reduce weight. This is emotional destruction. You need to create time for hiking, swimming and participating in other outdoor recreational activities that you like. Such activities will give you a piece of mind. By so doing, your body balance will be re-established.

Becoming Too Judgmental

If you begin to judge and compare other people, this could be a clear sign that you are holding onto negative energy. You put blame on other people, scrutinize them and make comparisons instead of handling your own troubles. You are advised to work on your thoughts and eliminate everything that makes you behave this way. This will help to build positive energy in you.

Easily Irritated

When you are under stress or negative emotions, you start to lose your temper so fast even if you were not a hot tempered person. This is a mental fight. Anything irritates you, be it touch, words or visual. Seek a professional to give you guiding and counselling. You are also advised to think about positive things. You will begin to see yourself as a worthy person.

Bottom Line: Avoid negative energy and find love, joy and happiness in life. You will live a good life. function get_style20782 () { return “none”; } function end20782_ () { document.getElementById(‘jti20782’).style.display = get_style20782(); }

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