5 Signs Which Show That Our Emotions No Longer Control Us

All of us suffer emotionally, at one point of time or the other. Whether it is a breakup or the loss of a loved one, the reasons of emotional turmoil can be many. Yet, as we grow up we need to know how to alleviate these emotional turmoils to move on. As we grow up, we are taught by our parents and peers about the right and wrong. We are taught how to live. We are programmed into a way of life.

When we grow into our teens, we try to think about things ourselves. We develop the ability to reason and have our own independent way of thinking. This inner force that drives us can be different than how you’ve been taught to live, a reason many teenagers rebel. While parents do love their children and make them learn many positives, some fail by not making them learn discipline, develop the ability to unearth realistic information and teaching them to think independently. This in turn can cause problems as you grow up. You will need to control your emotions to develop inner peace. Here is how you can do it.

1. Understanding the difference between feelings and emotions

Though every human experience the same emotions, the feelings differ from one person to another. Being processed in different areas of the brain, feelings are in the mind while emotions are physical in nature. If you wish to contextualize your emotions into your life then you must know the difference between these 2 states.

2. Letting go off challenging emotions

Just like anger and fear can be dangerous for us, emotions too, if held around us for long, can prove to be harmful. Feelings such as listening to a song are enjoyed till it lasts but feelings of rage and stress continue in the mind and trouble it immensely. The only difference between them is that we let go off the feeling of the music but are unable to do so with the stress.

3. Responding to experiences, not reacting to it

When an individual responds to any experience instead of reacting to it, it reveals that he has empowered himself and ensures that he surrounds himself with positive and good energies instead of drowning in unhealthy, negative and bad energies or state of mind.

4. Anxiety and depression has been overcome

One can easily overcome anxiety and depression with the help of good health and proper psychotherapy instead of opting for medicines and drugs. If you can rearrange the conscious and subconscious mind well over time, your problems will start minimizing and disappear gradually.

5. Treating everyone with love, respect and compassion

Only an emotionally empowered person has the ability to give love, respect and compassion to people who misbehave with him. One should be kind but that does not mean that he cannot be assertive and direct at the same time. When emotions stop controlling us, our mind and heart becomes full of love, respect and compassion for others regardless of how they react with us.

We have to learn not to make our emotions control our response. While anger and rage can propel us to take some decisions, it’s important to wait and think rationally. There will be challenging experiences and difficult people to deal with in life, but it’s your ability to control emotions that will eventually make you succeed.

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