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5 Signs You Are Dealing With An Energy Vampire

There are individuals that are able to feed off human energies, simply by being around others attaching to them as a host. In doing so these people can suck life energy from others by way of emotions, like a parasite or a leech might do to suck blood. As this cycle is perpetuated, an energy vampire is able to sustain itself. In modern times, the idea of stealing energy maybe considered superstition, but it is not.
The difficult thing is to recognize when someone is trying to steal energy from another human being, but there are tell tale signals that someone is an energy vampire.

Here are 5 primary ways to recognize such an individual.

1. Dragging You Down to Their Level

It is important to understand that not all psychic vampires feed off human energies consciously, nor are many doing it with any malicious intentions. Most are caught in a cycle of stealing energy, due to a kind of spiritual weakness. Often they are everyday people who really need someone to relate to and share with, but since nobody reaches out, they succumb to their darker nature. In any case, it is easy to recognize such individuals, as they want to engage other persons and suck them into their whirlpool of emotions. When dragging another person down to their level, it allows them to feed off them using their empathy, but in a much more parasitic way.

2. Using Mood Swings Deceptively

Often an energy vampire will greet people in one frame of mind or seemingly pleasant mood, only to flip the switch from light to dark. In an instant of coming in contact, their aura envelopes those near them in a blanket of negative energetic vibes. They will elicit responses from other people by using mood swings deceptively, but doing it consciously. The psychic vampire counts on a normal human heartfelt response to their dramas and this is their doorway into feeding off another human being. What is going on inside of these individuals is not what appears on the outside, therefore it is important to keep positive thoughts around these type people.

3. Playing On Your Sympathy

Getting others to feel badly for them, this is the best trick of the true psychic vampire. If anyone truly opens their emotions around them, it is an open invitation to feed off that individual. Anyone who is not trying to steal energy, will be able to notice such a person by observing them. Their energy will be confusing and unfocused, so their aura might be odd colored. Their shadows might actually appear darker, but they will demonstrate behaviors that seem to play on the sympathy of others around them. If these people are encouraged to not feed off other people psychically, it is possible for them to raise their energies. This can lead to a path of non-vampiric tendencies, with enough time and practical focus.

4. Exaggerating Problems Out of Proportion

People that steal energy from others will love to overreact to normal situations. Their need to feed off of strong emotional outbursts and impulsive behaviors will cause them to promote chaos. There is nothing clam about their attitude, other than stalking for their next predatory victim. Instead of allowing these individuals to work their chaotic magic on others, the best thing to do is to optimistic and not let them aggravate things around them. Exaggerating problems into fully out of proportion reality is the psychic vampire stock and trade, so learn not to give away power to them. Living life by learning. making mistakes and going with the flow is natural, but also good.

5. Getting You to Focus on Negativity

Finally, all energy vampires are subtle at the art of casting negative vibes. These are like waves of darkness that become loosed upon things around them. If someone is trying to steal energy from another person, their goal is to leave the victim drained and essentially they prefer to feed off those who are not enlightened at the time. Making suggestions that get another person to focus on negativity, lack of well being, low self esteem and general malaze is like casting a curse on them. In situations like this, try to remember that keeping focused on positive energy is the key to repelling anything negative. Don’t let yourself become a victim, but also don’t allow yourself to think negatively by suggestion.