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5 Reasons Which Prove That We Are Not Alone In The Universe After All

The question over whether humans are the only species in the universe is now which has constantly been posed for a long time now. Most people think that extra-terrestrial life exists, over half of Americans polled in fact thought so.Around 25% thought that aliens had already visited our planet,with events such as the suspiciously unexplained Roswell landingsformulating their beliefs.

There are a plethora of reasons why this debate is of considerable interest to people. With a more intelligent race of people developing, along with advances in education and technology, people are starting to look at the world around them with more of a critical eye, striving to unpuzzle its mysteries and intricacies. However, viewpoints and beliefs need to be based on reliable investigation and logic, which this article undertakes,outlining 5 reasons why we are not alone in the universe…..

  • 1. The sheer size of the Universe

There seems to be eons of galaxies, stars and planets which dot the night sky. Surely there must be additional life on some of them? Space has long interested humans, with regular excursions into it to try and make sense of the solar system.

Counting the stars is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, it just can’t be done. Although estimates on the number of galaxies encompassed in the Universe fluctuates slightly, the general consensus is that there are between 100 to 200 million galaxieswithin it. The number of stars in each galaxy is surely in the trillions.

The milky way, a well-renowned galaxy, is a case in point. It contains 400 billion stars, a true masterpiece in the solar system.

Scientists forecast thata least ten billionearth-size planets exist in the milky way alone, with extraterrestials possibly being able to tolerate conditions which are dissimilar to that on Earth. With the sixe of our universe, it is surely the case that we are not alone.

  • 2. Whistle-blowers (giving the game away)

Inrecent times, some whistle-blowers, such as Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, have had the courage to say some quite remarkable things, although it is worth considering their credentials and background, prior to determining the validity of such claims.

Paul Hellyer, the former Canadian Defence minister, is a notable example. He was quoted as saying that other planets had been in touch with Earth to offer guidance and support on the direction we were headin in. However, these comments were misinterpreted as threats, and the USA and Canada subsequently embarked on developingcovert ‘Black projects’ to flush extra-terrestrial life out of Earth. For someone ofhis background to make such a claim seems to confirm the existence of other life in our Universe.

Hellyer’s claims have been backed up by at least a dozen NASA astronauts. They report the existence of ‘toroids’ (rotating magnetic disks, similar to UFOs) for transport and say that we have been contacted on several occasions. They also cite a series of covers-up (Roswell being a possible example) and the embarrassment which would occur if the truth got out that there was extra-terrestrial life in the Universe.

Even the government (in part) has backed up the existence of other life forms in the Universe. Here is a video of John Podesta, a councillor to president Barack Obama, promoting UFo disclosure.

The list of whistle blowers from the Military needs to be seen to be believed, with so many coming foward. To see,military whistle blowers from a variety ofreputable backgrounds giving a talk to the National Press Club about UFOs deactivating nuclear weapons, click HERE.

The list of quotes from people of all backgrounds endorsing the popular view that UFos and other life forms exist is staggering and could fillmany novels. The fact that so many of these whistleblowers are from respected and reliable backgrounds confirms the assertion that extra-terrestrial life does exist even more.

  • 3. The ream of evidence which supports the existence of UFOs

In recent times, numerous governments have conceded that they have dedicated time and effort to studying UFOs. This was exemplified by the Transport Canada and other numerous eminent organisations admitting to tracking UFO activity, with several documents being compiled.

Filesreleased by the National Security Agency (NSA) reveal what is actually recorded on radar when the UFO is studied. HERE is an example of it. Also look HERE to accessan NSA report which details and describes that particular example.

The list of how many documents that disseminate the existence of UFOs that are easily accessible to the public is astounding. A video performed by Richard Dolan alsosheds some light on thedocumentswhich have been declassified. To peruse it, click HERE.

  • 4. Perpetual Media Coverage

The issue of extraterrestrial life is abundant in many media outlets from newspapers to the internet. It is constantly an issue which has been coveredon many occasions. It is on the minds of many important individuals.

A contemporary case of the ‘noise’ made aboutalternative life forms was when scientists recently talked with the Committeeon Science, Space and Technology. Several authoriative figures have called for more funding to be allocated tostudying the existence and plausibility of UFOs.

In mid 2013, the same committee had a meeting on the matter, with the National Press Club also holding a summit in March 2013 about the same topic. This event hadmany important figures in the world debating the matter, with some significant evidence being presented about the UFOs really being true.

UFOs are a topic which is covered in-depth in mainstream news. However, it is often castigaed as being untruthful rather than examining the matter maturely.

To take a look at Military whistleblowers (who are fully certified) give a press conference to the National Press Club about UFOS being employed to deactivate military weapons, click HERE.

HERE is an example of it being covered on CBC news.

  • 5. Authentic personal experiences and Reliable Video Footage

There are loads of peopleout there who claim that they have had direct contact with other life forms. There seems to be aninnate interest in space in the human condition.

Neuroscience can be used to enlighten us on the effects of what happens when we meditate, which could be possibly explain how we feel about extraterrestrial beings. Do we all know they exist deep down?

In addition to the millions of youtube videos on the topic, there are plenty of officially documented UFO footagevideos available in the public domain.

Personally, I have had many encounters with UFOs, bothon my own and with others on the CE team, which makes it easier to tell whether the footage is authentic or not.

  • Final Thoughts

Just a few years ago the pressing issue was whether UFOs existed or not, but that question has already been answeredeven if UFOs do some movements that seem to defy the laws of gravity. The issue now being examined rigorously is ‘Is that an extraterrestrial space craft?’

In my opinion, they have always been around and should be a source of inspiration, not anxiety. They knew of us long before we comprehended them. Maybe one day they will have a dialogue with humanity again, although we will have to wait and see whether that is true or not.

Maybe some groups look with anguish at how we do things on earth and seek to change thatby visting us to educate us about that. Who knows?

I am in now doubt thata significant proprotion of these UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin. I also think that many of these crafts are ‘ours’.

Source: Collective Evolution


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