5 Mindfulness Facts That Will Change Your Life

Mindfulness affects the way of living and the way of perceiving life. It is being active in life and present to enjoy the moment. It is very rewarding to be mindful and practicing being so.

Mindfulness translates into knowing one’s thoughts as they unfold. It is the acceptance of the current situation. It is also taking in the little pleasures of life as they unfold. Moreover, it is the consciousness to be optimistic about negative situations and living a meaningful life.

There are 12 laws of mindfulness that help you live. See the list below:

1. Life is only the present

The mind, body and soul become nourished with living in the present moment. Maximum output is derived from the present time. The past needs to remain in the past and the future in the future. It is rich to live in the present where the body experiences the joys and sorrows in the time that they last, and no other time. The application of this principle calms the mind and soul.

2. The mind creates demotivating idea, none of which are true

The mind’s thoughts do not cause harm in themselves. What results in feeling of hurt is the strong association with these thoughts. Continued attachment to these thoughts creates cruel habits.

3. Anger is a sentence in itself

Anger causes the most lamentable moments. It is the reason behind those hurtful words or those hurtful actions. What would happen if a person exercised restraint over this emotion? She will have a good, positive and peaceful life. She gets to maximize moments.

4. A person does not need others in order to live

Peace begins from within. Once one is able to understand oneself, he is able to extend that to the world. Looking within first, without seeking approval from others, is very fulfilling. In this state, the feeling and opinions of others serve to complement but not alter yours.

5. Use the mind to create the life of choice

A person should have firm thoughts and especially on what he stands for. If that is not the case, then the person gets swayed with the thoughts of others.

6. Only a person fully understands who he is, not even friends and family

Other people do not understand your situation in totality. They may appear to understand and support you, but it will not be enough. You need to know the journey you are on and how to walk on it, even when in the company of others.

7. Act as your beliefs

When you live alongside dreams and imaginations, you pull along the current. To deny dreams and lead contrary to beliefs is a struggle that consumes a lot of energy.

8. Right is synonymous with hard

To make positive steps, there is effort and struggle that associates with it. Also, you only tire when you quit the path of pursuing your passion.

9. Everything has a price

Every destination has a journey and a story to tell. You have to decide if you are willing to do what it takes. Fitness needs exercise and so do other outcomes. They demand toil.

10. Simplify your life

It is fulfilling to have order in life but more so when the daily tasks add value to life. Take time to rest. Your day does not have to be fully packed to be rewarding.

11. You do not have to figure-out everything

You do not have to be in full control of your life and live a rigid one for that matter. You should allow for flexibility and randomness in your life.

12. Rest

The best way of living requires rest. Take moments to breath, remain silent and listen to the inner voice. Pause when tired in order to recover.


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