The 5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Beer

Beer is nearly always given a bad press by anyone involved in the medical profession. Yet they used to say wine was bad for you but now contend that two glasses of red wine every day will improve your health. There are recent findings that suggest that a small daily intake of beer will do you more good than harm. So it will provide you with an excuse to drink a gallon of ale next time you go to a beer festival, it makes easier to justify drinking a pint of beer each and every day.


So as long as you drink it in moderation beer actually has health advantages worth gaining when compared to not drinking any of it at all.


It Could Lower The Risk Of Arthritis


Beer is sometimes drunk to take away the sensation of pain, yet it has been reported that it help prevent the onset of the painful joint condition arthritis. It was reported in Arthritis and Rheumatism that when women drink between three and five beers a week they had a 31% lower risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis than their teetotal counterparts. So having a beer with lunch, or when watching your favorite TV at night is doing you good (that is the kind of science you have to approve of).


Beer Can Make Bones Strong


If you had Irish relatives that told you a pint of stout was good for you, they were right. A recent study in the Journal of The Science of Food and Agriculture states that beer helps strengthen bones. To be more precise it is the dietary silicons that beers are rich in that do our bones good. The more malted barley and hops in the beer the better it is doing your bones.


Beers May Prevent Kidney Stones


Unless you are driving you should always pick a beer ahead of a soda. Drinking soda regularly makes it 23% more likely you will suffer from kidney stones, whilst drinking beer lowers the risk by 41%. So drink a beer to avoid becoming one of the 30% of Americans that suffer kidney stones at some point in their lives.


Moderate Drinking Maintains Mental Sharpness


There have been research studies that demonstrate that moderate drinking keeps women mentally sharper than their teetotal and hard drinking contemporaries. A pint of beer or cider, a glass of wine, or a double shot of spirits can help women retain their mental sharpness best as they get older. The most recent study to state this was in the New England Medical Journal. So if your grandmother had a bottle of beer every night, or your great aunt had a glass of port with her diner they were been healthy after all.


It May Be Good For Your Heart


Those doctors that contend that been teetotal is better for your heart may have got it wrong. That is according to the European Journal of Epidemiology, which found that teetotalers were 31% more likely to have heart attacks or strokes than people that drink a pint of beer every day.

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