5 Habits of Deeply Connected Couples

Relationships are like journeys, each vitally different from the next. Some relationship have very deeply connected partners and others have couples just moving with the motions of life. To make a relationship work, you must be willing to put in the time, effort and strength to make it work. Without these three things even the strongest love bonds cannot survive. Relationship experts and therapist have often differ on what ingredients make a relationship work. Some are sentimental leaning on true love, while others are more logical. However some general consensus has been found on the following five habits of deeply connected couples.

1. Respect & appreciation

Ensuring that you don’t take your partner for granted is vital and crucial dating advice. That even if your relationship has weathered the time, you must always endeavor to take care of your partner. You must also be willing to understand there point of view and in this way show a measure of respect to their sentiments and feelings.

2. Positive reinforcement

Perhaps the most motivating aspect of relationship is when a partner is able to push the other in the right direction through positive reinforcement. Helping your spouse take on the challenges and tribulations despite the challenging circumstances with a positive attitude is guaranteed to give immediate results. It’s one of the most crucial health habits on which a dating couple can use to propel their relationship to the next level.

3. Intimacy

When we talk of been intimate, we appreciate the fulfillment of each partner in a relationship in more than a sexual context. Knowing what fulfills your partner is the starting point to successful intimacy. How they tickle and tic? How they flow and swim? How they satisfy and get satisfied? Deeply connected partners, don’t take intimacy for granted rather use it to magnify each other’s commitment to the other.

4. Compromise

That when it comes down to it, can you give rather than take? When most couples seek more healthy habits to reaffirming their relationship goals, compromising always makes it on the list. And it starts with the little thing; like the husband doing the dishes ones in a while to engaged spouse accepting to have a child to fulfill the other partner’s maternal or paternal instincts.

5. Communication

Without it a relationship is as good as dead. It’s the hallmark of any great deeply connected partners’ relationship. The ability to not only talk about issues, but to understand each other’s body language, to read each other’s facial expression and to keep in touch through different technologies. In this way your partner can be able to know what’s wrong or right and if it’s the latter help find a solution. Communication on 1. Money and finances, 2. involvement of other parties entangled around your relationship and 3. Feeling and emotions, will in the long run build a long lasting & healthy relationship

It doesn’t take a lot, it takes a whole lot more. Every time you think you have cracked the secret something jolts you into realizing that you need to do something else. And this is the whole essence of the relationship tango, that each step taken while be countered by another step. Though it might seem complex & hard but in the end, testament to most deeply connected partners, it will be worth it all.


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