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The 4 Mantras To Happiness

How do you know that you are happy? Ask most people, and they would state that shopping makes them happy. Or buying a new car makes them happy. Or maybe building their own home will make them happy some day. However, there is a little problem with these perceptions – you’re stating that your entire life’s happiness is dependent on a few happenings. However, your life is surely a lot more than that?

The way to happiness

Everyone wishes to be happy, but most people are clueless how to go about it. Material possessions and attaining your goals might give you short term happiness, but long lasting happiness can only be obtained from within. While there is no definitive how-to guide to happiness, there are a few things, which, if remembered, can make the pursuit of happiness easier. Remember, happiness is a journey, not a destination.

  • Live in the moment

Most of the times your thoughts and aspirations take you to the future or your past. You forget to live in the present. Learn to live in the moment, and to enjoy the happiness, big or small – because this same moment will never come back again. This will also make you grateful for the little things that even normal days bring.

  • Accept that happiness is a lifelong journey

Happiness is not a goal that you can achieve once and then have forever. It is a constant process, and you have to work towards it throughout your life. You need to know this and you also need to be willing to work hard to attain happiness.

  • Mind over matter

Perspective matters a lot in life. Everything can be viewed in different ways. Some will be primarily optimistic, while others will be mainly negative. Your attitude and the way you respond to circumstances in life will shape your life more than what is happening in your life.

  • Identify a belief system and stick to it

You need to have a cohesive worldview to have lasting peace of mind. Read up on philosophy, explore psychology. It is important to form your own unique viewpoint on the world. This will not only help you explore yourself, but also create a road map to how you wish to progress in life.

Your life will throw different experiences at you. You need to juggle them. Understand that you cannot always control what happens to you in your life. However, you can always control the way you play them. You may not be happy in every moment of your life, but if you can work on your attitude, it will only be a matter of time before you can be your happy self again. It’s up to you to know how affected you will be by any development in your life. You need to understand that you cannot have happiness if you do not have inner personal growth and perspective.


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