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3 Smart Tips For Going With The Flow Of Life

Contrary to what some people may believe, life is sweet and very enjoyable despite the ups and downs – you only have to go with the flow. By going against the current or trying to get everything to go your way, you induce diverse problems such as stress and anxiety, depression, anger, and even illnesses such as hypertension and stroke.

While for some people going with the flow is only natural, it is, unfortunately, very difficult for others. However, it is a virtue you can easily master like any other skills and enjoy the benefits.

Here are three smart tips on how to train your whole person – body, mind, and emotions – to go with the flow.

1. Take deep and mindful breaths

When the body becomes tense, the rate of breathing becomes quick, and the breaths become short and shallow. This is called the “fight or flight response” that automatically starts when you are agitated. While in this state, one can easily make hast and bad decisions or even suffer anxiety attacks.

To avoid this, make sure you breathe deeply and with mindfulness whenever you feel your body tensing. This will get rid of the fight or flight response and supply your brain and body with sufficient air to keep you cool and calm.

2. Acknowledge the good things too

Most of the people who are always going against the flow tend to make a big fuss out of every negative thing regardless of how minute. They can get their adrenaline pumping for anything, from traffic congestion to innocent mistakes made by naive kids having fun playing. Unfortunately, the joy they ought to get from the good things is barely acknowledged.

By appreciating good things in life, no matter how small, one builds up some positive energy that gets him/her going with the flow. Besides, it gives the body a feeling of calm and joy, which is beneficial to your health and spirit too.

By acknowledging the good things more often, you will train your body to identify more good opportunities for a generally better life.

3. Be optimistic – hope for the good

Situations can take an entirely different and often surprising turn – remember this whenever you are contemplating the reasons for your woes. Borrowing from a fine example, people who worked at the World Trade Center during the 9/11 attack must have placed a lot of value on their jobs. Missing a workday or getting late would have landed them into trouble with their employees and led them to self-criticism. However, those that missed work when 9/11 occurred must have been relieved they did after a ton of self-criticism.This may be the same case for you. You may be held in the grocery line and fuming about it while it may be a way to stall time and let possible danger pass.

As such, always remember to think about positive reasons behind your “woes” and try to always hope for the best out of every bad situation.


Going with the flow will help you let go of the stress and worries associated with everyday life. You will begin to see things in a better and positive light and gain the much needed positive energy to enjoy life while you still can.

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