3 Essential Tips To Grow As A Person

We all love ourselves. But while you may love to live, not all manage to put their lives together. How worthful is your life if you have not been able to enjoy it? And when it comes to enjoying one’s life, one of the easiest ways is to grow as a person. You are not what you were ten years ago, and you will not be what you are today, ten years from now. We all change, but the question is how much is our personal growth? It’s through introspection and learning that we develop the ability to enjoy ourselves more and find true peace within oneself.

How to grow as a person regardless of what you are going through?

Growth can be hard but it needn’t be complicated. Though therapeutic processes and psychology can prove to be complicated and dense, simplicity is all what you need to help others and grow as a person day after day.

One needs to understand how to build safe container in the journey of life. Here by a container we mean all of our life baggage which carries dysfunctional families, bad relationships and life experience and situations which have caused us pain or trauma. Building a safe container helps to promote growth and protect your thoughts, experiences and emotions.

The 3 Steps to a Better Life

If you’re looking to enjoy life, don’t stop yourself. More often than not, you will not be able to enjoy life because well, you simply are not making enough efforts for it. The 3 steps to building a new container which promotes growth are below.

Step 1: It is vital to be transparent as you start growing

Being the foundation of it, you need to be vulnerable and honest about everything and accept things as they are if you truly wish to grow up. Being honest with yourself about your life situation and problems comes first. You should accept your life story as it is and become transparent about it instead of being stuck at it for years to come.

Step 2: Creating your boundaries and stick to them

Creating a boundary here would mean that you have some firm assurances about your life and the things that you will not allow to enter in your life. There are things that you should not be ready to negotiate about in your life as they might hamper your container or stop the growth.

Step 3: Building the container

After having created certain boundaries and being completely transparent in life, you will gradually move towards building a new container for yourself. The container needs to be built and rebuilt time and again and this continuous process of doing so gradually makes you stronger and more skilful than before.

Start working on your nutrition, fitness and spirituality once the safe container has been built and give way to a better life with a higher potential. You can live a life that is healthy and beautiful and enjoy being

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