20 Signs To Tell You That You Had A Good Year

2015 is nearly over and you might want to take a look back at how the year has been. Every year, you tend to make resolutions at the beginning of the year. Now is the time to take a look at how good you have been at keeping the promises you had made to yourself.

The Different Signs to See You’re Progressed

How much have your grown this year? Personal growth will help you live life in a better way. So, how do you know that you’ve moved ahead and are a better self than what you were last year?

Most people feel that they are not where they should be as the end of a year draws upon them. Instead of regretting and blaming yourself, focus on what was good in that year, celebrate your achievements and love your own self.

These 20 signs will tell you that you had a great year!

  1. You were able to focus more on things you wanted that those that you didn’t.
  2. You took risks and did what was right without worrying about the outcome.
  3. In the process of trying to achieve certain goals you became a better person.
  4. You are capable of celebrating your achievements so far.
  5. You know there are things you cannot change but you are not worried about them. You trust yourself to do right.
  6. You can now laugh at and feel humorous about yourself and take yourself less seriously.
  7. You are letting useless anger go off and are forgiving your past.
  8. You smile a lot even when no one is around you.
  9. You like spending time with your own self.
  10. You have become more patient than you used to be.
  11. You simply enjoy the journey of life without looking for answers or outcomes.
  12. Your focus has shifted on reasons for doing something instead of worrying about the results.
  13. Your dreams matter to you and the world.
  14. You have started showing your true self to loved ones.
  15. Your influences and achievements no longer define you as you know who you truly are.
  16. You like who you are and no longer compare yourself to others.
  17. Instead of overreacting you now focus on the bigger picture.
  18. Your future seems bright to you and the direction you are headed at makes you feel proud.
  19. You have started trusting divine timings instead of having expectations.
  20. Instead of forcing things, you know when it is right for you.


Did you look at the 20 signs? How many things have you done well and what do you think that you need to work on. If you’ve indeed scored on some of the points, be proud that you have been able to improve as a person. And you can look forward to looking at the signs that you’ve not been able to develop in and aim to do better in 2016! After all, life is all about personal growth and achieving fulfilment.

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