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20 funny school signs that will make you realize nothing is ever perfect

School signs are probably one of the most stereotyped signboards which are usually boring and lame. They’re generally finals schedules, meetings, acknowledgments, and more of those mundane kinds of stuff. The only announcements that are particularly ‘acceptable’ to students are the spring break or end of school year signs.

The images below include some of the most unintentionally (hopefully, anyway) hilarious messages ever to grace a sign board.

1. This is why supporting schools is so important.

2. They should’ve picked a different graphic…

3. Clearly this has happened before…

4. School is like a second home

5. There’s nothing you can do to stop it.

6. Wise advice

7. “Raeding” is fun!

8. This one may take a second…

9. How you know it’s allergy season

10. Where spelling doesn’t matter.

11. Holidays are out of this world.

12. Reeporing live from number twenty.

13. Hope they at least spelled their names right…

14. Science teachers everywhere are cracking up

15. Checklist: Pens, paper, soil….

16. Hopefully spelling is not on the test.

17. And I thought they were Cat-holic people

18. As if middle school wasn’t insulting enough.

19. Someone skipped class

20. #Summerbreak

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