The 18 Biggest Hallmarks Of High Emotional Intelligence

The one thing that is contained in all of our psyches that is considered to be intangible is emotional intelligence. This is something that affects various aspects of our lives, including how we manage our overall behavior, make decisions that allow us to achieve results of a positive nature, and navigating through many various social complexities.

Emotional intelligence, also referred to as “EQ,” initially showed that even though an individual may have an average intelligence level, approximately 70% of the time they still managed to out-perform someone who possessed a higher IQ. This also proved that the assumption of IQ being the sole source of someone’s success was actually untrue. In fact, emotional intelligence has been shown to be the biggest factor involved in setting “star performers” apart from many other people, with approximately 90% of the top performers having a high emotional intelligence level.

Even though emotional intelligence is a significant aspect, the fact that it is intangible makes it rather difficult to determine two different things: exactly how much of it you have and what you can do to try to improve it if you find that you’re missing some. One way to determine these factors is to take a test that has been validated scientifically. For example, you could choose to take a test similar to what can be found in the book “Emotional Intelligence 2.0”; however, it’s important to note that these kinds of tests cost money to take.

The following is a list compiled from data that has been analyzed from the one million plus individuals who were tested by the TalentSmart company. This data shows the behaviors that creates the hallmarks of a high emotional intelligence level, which you will be able to use to identify whether or not you have one.

1- You Possess A Vocabulary That Is Robust In Nature:

Regardless of who you are, you always experience different emotions every single day. However, approximately 36% of individuals are able to successfully identify them the minute that they occur. For example, most people would say that they feel “good” or “bad,” but individuals who possess high emotional intelligence levels will be able to articulate even more about exactly how they’re feeling, such as “depressed,” “excited,” etc. Despite this fact, this can actually cause problems due to issues that occur thanks to emotions that aren’t labelled being misunderstood.

If you have a high emotional intelligence level, you will be able to master all of your emotions, all by using your robust vocabulary. The more specific the choice of words you use, the better you will be able to know exactly how you’re feeling, as well as the cause and solution of it.

2- You’re Always Curious About Other People

Individuals who possess a high emotional intelligence level are always curious about all of the people who come around them. This is all thanks to one of the biggest and most significant aspects of EQ, which is empathy. This means that you will have more curiosity about other individuals around you because of how much you care about others and the things that they’re going through.

3- You Always Embrace Change

One of the most interesting facts about individuals with high emotional intelligence levels is that they are both flexible and are constantly adapting to the environment around them. They also know that the natural fear of change can be a threat to their happiness and success. They also move to form a proverbial “plan of action” just in case any kind of changes occur.

4- You’re Always Aware Of All Of Your Strengths And Weakness

In addition to emotions, individuals with high emotional intelligence levels are also aware of all of their strengths and weaknesses – everything that, so to speak, pushes their buttons and the things that allow the individual to succeed. If you possess a high EQ, you will be able to use your strengths to your full advantage, in addition to being able to successfully repel your weaknesses.

5- You’re Always A Great Judge Of Character

Emotional intelligence allows an individual to read other people in the sense that you can tell how they’re feeling and understand whatever it is that they may be going through at the time. This is a skill that will enable that person to become a great judge of character, as they will understand their motivations, including the most deeply hidden ones.

6- It’s Difficult To Offend You

Individuals who possess a high emotional intelligence level are not very easy to offend. This is due to two certain qualities: being open-minded and being self-confident. Being able to draw the proverbial line between humor and insults allows these individuals to not only let other people make jokes about them anyway, but also poke fun at themselves occasionally.

7- You Have No Issue With Saying No To Yourself Or Other People

When an individual possess a high emotional intelligence level, they are able to do three different things: delaying gratification, avoiding impulsive action, and exerting self-control. In fact, recent studies show that an individual will experience more issues related to things like stress and depression the more they have trouble saying “no” to someone. The word “no” is powerful, but no one should be afraid to use it when it’s necessary to do so, but it is one of the biggest challenges related to self-control that people find themselves experiencing. Therefore, rather than using phrases such as “I don’t know if I can” or “I don’t think I can,” simply use the word “no.”

8- You Know How To Let Go Of Any Mistakes

Individuals with a high EQ are able to distance themselves from their mistakes that they make while, at the same time, not forgetting them. This helps enable them to both adjust and adapt to any future successes that you may have. If someone spends too much time focusing on the mistakes that they make, they can become anxious; however, if someone simply ignores their mistakes, it could lead to them getting repeated. The biggest thing to concentrate on is trying your best to turn any failures into improvements, which will help you keep yourself on your feet rather than falling down.

9- You Always Give Without Expecting Anything In Return

One of the most powerful impressions that can be left on a person is to be given something by someone without the other person expecting anything in return. This kind of action allows someone with a high emotional intelligence level to build a strong relationship with someone else because of the fact that they are always thinking about other people rather than themselves.

10- You Never Hold Grudges

Holding a grudge with someone can create enormous amounts of stress for all individuals involved. It can also put their body into a proverbial “fight or flight” mode, which makes them want to either fight or head for the hills if they are faced with a threat because of the grudge. If the stress someone feels from a grudge is either imminent or recent, their natural reaction would be to do anything that they can to ensure their survival, while the individual can likely develop various health issues due to holding in any kind of extreme stress. Individuals with high EQ levels, on the other hand, know exactly how to do anything and everything possible to keep anything like this from happening to them, as they never hold any grudges against anyone else. They know that not holding grudges can lead to improved health and decreased stress issues.

11- You Know How To Neutralize People Who Are Toxic

Toxic individuals are oftentimes described as people who are overwhelmingly difficult to deal with. Individuals with high levels of emotional intelligence are able to keep their feelings in check when it comes to confronting toxic people. Furthermore, they are able to talk to these same toxic people in a very rational manner, while also considering the other individual’s standpoint and coming to an amicable solution. High EQ individuals are also able to take toxic individuals with a proverbial “grain of salt” to keep them from bringing them down to their level.

12- You Never Seek Perfection

You’ve likely heard the saying “no one and nothing is ever really perfect.” This is something that individuals with high emotional intelligence levels are able to easily realize this. Anyone who seeks a goal of obtaining perfection is generally met with a feeling of failure that eventually will make them want to simply give up. In the end, they dwell on this rather than moving forward and looking to the future.

13- You Always Appreciate What You Already Have

Concentrating on what you already have rather than what you don’t has been proven by various studies to improve your overall mood, as well as decreasing cortisol, a stress hormone, by approximately 23%. In fact, engaging in this kind of activity daily not only can increase mood, but also physical well-being and overall energy levels.

14- You Take Time To Disconnect

Many people every day rely on things like personal electronic devices to help them get through their days. However, it’s something that can also cause a lot of stress. By taking time “off the grid” occasionally, this will show that you may have a high emotional intelligence level, which will also help you to keep your overall stress level under control. In fact, studies have shown that taking a break from the simplest of electronic activities, such as email, can significantly lower stress levels. By using technology, you give yourself the feeling that you should be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By disconnecting from technology for a short time, you will lower the stress of experiencing this feeling.

15- You Always Limit Your Overall Caffeine Intake

It’s common knowledge that too much caffeine can create issues such as the release of adrenaline, which is the main ingredient of the previously-discussed “fight or flight” emotional response, which can affect an individual’s ability to think rationally. However, individuals with a high emotional intelligence level are aware that caffeine is an enemy rather than a friend, so they avoid it at all costs.

16- You Make Sure You Get Plenty Of Sleep At Night

We all know that sleeping gives an individual’s brain a chance to recharge from the activities of the previous day, which will allow them to wake up with as clear of a head as possible. Ensuring that you get plenty of sleep at night can also increase your emotional intelligence level, as well as help you manage your stress levels. Individuals with high EQ levels are always make getting plenty of sleep at night their number-one priority in order to decrease the chances of their memory, attention, and self-control becoming drastically altered.

17- You Don’t Allow Any Form Of Negative Self-Talk

You’ve likely heard someone, at some point in your life, say that if you spend too much time dwelling on negative thoughts, you give them plenty of power over you. The good thing is that these things are simply thoughts rather than actual facts, though it’s natural for the human brain to perceive threats should anything either never or always happen. When someone possess a high level of emotional intelligence, they are able to successfully separate mere thoughts from actual facts, which enables them to obtain a brighter outlook on life.

18- You Never Let Anyone Limit The Amount Of Joy You Seek

Individuals with high EQ levels never allow someone else to let any negativity from others affect how they feel about something good that they’ve done either for themselves or others. It may be rather impossible to ignore what others may think of you at times, but at the same time, you can always take their opinions with a proverbial “grain of salt” and not let them affect you in a negative way. It’s important to remember that your self-worth should always come from within you rather than from someone else.

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