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15 Things You Think They Are Making You A Better Person But They Aren’t

Putting too much pressure on yourself these days can be exhausting. In order to have a better life, you simply need to stop and see the things we don’t need in life. One of your best shots at a healthy lifestyle is to quit trying so hard and to start looking inward to find what truly motivates you and brings about personal growth.

As a self-help author and life coach, I have found that if I really want to be able to serve others, then I need to start by serving myself first. Taking care of your personal needs is truly the initial step you must take in order to have a healthy lifestyle, achieve personal growth and then help others once you’ve helped yourself. This rings true no matter what your profession may be.

In order to give yourself a special gift, try becoming your own best friend and dedicating yourself to that end for 40 full days. You’ll feel better by listening to your inner guide, and you can accomplish a great deal, like losing weight, increasing your mental clarity, starting to practice yoga regularly and so much more. These are just examples of what you can do and you can start by seeing all ofthe things we don’t need in life.

Stopping the cycle of feeling over-committed in life can be started by cutting out of our lives any commitments and habits that are self-imposed and simply aren’t working. What this means is eliminating everything that doesn’t make you happy, healthy and able to have a truly better life. Here are some of those very things that you may have thought made you a better person, but really don’t:

1. Forcing yourself to do anything that you don’t want to do

2. Putting everyone else first. Loving yourself isn’t selfish, so nurture the inside so that the outside can flourish.

3. Choosing fear instead of love. Always choose love.

4. Feeling guilty when you leave food on your plate. Instead, just listen to your body.

5. Finishing books after they’ve lost your interest just to finish them.

6. Listening to others’ opinions regarding your life. Just do what feels right for you.

7. Ignoring your inner voice. Just listen to your own intuition when you can.

8. Worrying about money. Tell yourself instead that you’ll always have everything necessary and just let abundance flow.

9. Thinking that your life is not on-track. You’re right where you’re supposed to be.

10. Perceiving your flaws as negative. All of your imperfections make you an awesome human being.

11. Deflecting compliments. Just absorb all of that kindness instead.

12. Chastising yourself for your mistakes. See them instead as learning opportunities.

13. Obsessing over your dreams and when they will happen. Enjoying the journeys is more important than the destination.

14. Comparing yourself to others. Every one of us has embarked on our own journey and it is uniquely ours.

15. Apologizing for what you honestly think is right. Understand instead that your views matter just as much as anyone else’s.