15 Things That We Should All Stop Doing To Ourselves For Better Health And Happiness!

It recently did inspire me to put together a list of things that I have observed about myself and others. These tendencies, according to my opinion, are issues that can make life more complicated and unhappy if you permit them to rule your world. This is something that makes it more harder to go through than it does need to be. Do please read through the following list attached and examine just how many of these tendencies do apply to yourself. You can also feel free to add some more tendencies, if you’d like, in the comment section that will be provided for feedback here.

1. Quit running away from your problems:

You cannot run away from problems. It will only prove to make the distance to solve them all the more longer and harder a thing to accomplish. So, with this said, it is best to face your problems head on and be determined to solve them. Challenges come up for a reason in your life. They are in place to be difficult and for us to overcome as hard as we can. By facing the odds against you, you learn how to conquer them, by becoming a whole lot stronger and determined to get past them. You become a much better version of yourself than before.

2. Don’t lie to yourself and others around you:

Lying is the most cumulative of all the processes. What can start outas being something small and harmless can turn into something big and false that is very far from reality. It prevents you from being taken seriously and honestly. No one wants the reputation of being regarded and seen as a liar. Therefore, when we lie to others, we lie to ourselves. We do it to protect our egos that are fragile. We might even read the list of tendencies that are here and lie to ourselves further. We don’t want to admit that we do these tendencies ourselves a whole lot. Remember, that in the past, it has sort of defined who you are and you hold the power to be honest and to change the future for yourself. Being honest and truthful is a much lighter and nicer existence than lying constantly is.

3. Stop letting fears of making mistakes hold you back from doing something:

Mistakes can turn out to be very frustrating at times. However, they aren’t worth holding yourself back on, and to give into what you feel pulled to do on your own. We do learn from our mistakes. This is a universal truth. Because you can learn everything better by stepping outside from inside your comfort zone. Doing something different or new opens up a person to more possibilities.

4. Don’t compare yourself constantly to others:

It doesn’t matter if it is an iconic figure, a family member or friend, a coworker, you should never compare yourself or your circumstances to that of someone else. Humans do sometimes have a natural tendency to do this. Just think of yourself how many times, you have said to yourself, “how nice” when looking at the facet of another person’s life. It doesn’t matter if the grass is greener on the other side. We should never focus on someone else’s grass. We should only focus on the grass beneath our own feet.

5. Stop living for something in your future:

It doesn’t matter if it is something as temporary as taking a vacation or as permanent as saving for one’s retirement. Though it is great to want to have something for the future. People should focus more on living for the now. Because no one knows what the future may bring or be about. It prevents one from living for now. You are never going to be younger than now. So, why wait for the future, when you have now? Live for now. You can still look for tomorrow. Just don’t stop enjoying now and the present.

6. Avoid having people feel sorry for you:

There is no one out there who really likes a negative Nancy or a Peter who is pessimistic. Therefore, it only makes sense to be not share the unpleasant or unfavorable, if anything we should only endeavor to share the good and not the bad. It isn’t a good practice to get someone to feel sympathy or sorry for you. Just accept whatever is plaguing you and be determined to move on. Things will only get better if you make them positive and not into a negative drama.

7. Don’t try to relive or make up for the past:

Your past doesn’t define you. You define you. Don’t put so much effort into trying to revisit or make up for your past. Regard it as water under the bridge. Focus all of your energy and attention on the present and live your life for now. Put the past behind you and say goodbye.

8. Quit putting things for tomorrow and all eternal:

Quit letting laziness keep you down. You are the only one who can make difference to yourself and you need to do this. Laziness can prove to be a very lethal thing. Don’t let it poison your life. Seize the moment and don’t put anything off any longer. When you motivate yourself. You become far more productive. It is you and you alone who can get it going. Get it in gear now!

9. Don’t blame things outside of you:

We can all become victims of other people or situations. Therefore, don’t let it haunt you the rest of your life. Don’t inaccurately point the blame elsewhere. Own up to yourself. Own up to why you are holding your own self back and what is the cause of it. If you have caused anything in your life. Own up to it, accept it, and embrace it for what it is. Be determined to be better in the future.

10. Don’t let the past make you think bad of others:

We all make mistakes in life. Friends do it. Families do it. We all do it. Therefore, if your friend called youa jackass or acted like a jackass with you, three years ago. You should just up and let it go. You should use your own personal guidance to tell you who your friends are and what will define them in your mind. However, don’t let the past blind your judgment, we are all human and make mistakes. If a friend sincerely apologized for doing something wrong. Let it go. Move forward and forgive them. The past should not taint a present friendship that is honest and strong.

11. Don’t set any expectations for things before they do happen:

Don’t let your imagination strive for, as well as, create expectations that are far too grand and that cannot be attained. It is fun and okay to get lost in la la land on occasion. However, you cannot live there for very long, as it will not sustain you. Reach for expectations that you can actually reach out for and grab. Life will be so much more satisfying this way.

12. Quit looking for someone perfect out there:

There is no such thing as the perfect person, except the illusion, which one does create in their own mind. Perfect doesn’t exist. Neither does near perfect. The sooner this truth is accepted, the better off, many of us more will be. Focus more on what you require to make yourself feel complete inside. The right person can come along and complete you later on. The search for love can lead you into some of the oddest of places. Go there when ready.

13. Avoid being something that you are not:

Never try to be something else or someone else. The best self you can give to others, and to yourself, is your true self only. Honesty is always the best policy. Be something you are not and you can actually chase someone away for good. No one wants a false version of anyone. You don’t even want that either.

14. Refuse to beat up on yourself:

Don’t be openly vicious or hostile to yourself. This is never the way to go. Create a moment anew for yourself. Like yourself and who you are. Don’t be your worst critic or nightmare. Love you for you.

15. Quit reading and be a doer:

Sure, reading books is fun, and so is reading quotes. However, if you don’t apply their teachings to your life It is you, and you alone, who will fall short every time. Therefore, do strive to put them into action. Once they are into action, they will compliment your life, and make you feel good about you and your life overall.


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