12 Signs That You Are Actually Doing Better Than You Think

Life: the biggest mystery of all time. We all live it in our own unique way, sometimes similar to others and sometimes the exact opposite. Regardless of how people wish to live their lives, we all have high goals in life that we wish to completed that would better ourselves and as a result, make us happy.One thing that happens in our lives is that we try our hardest to achieve our life goals that results in us forgetting about all the things that lead up to this current point in time. Regardless of how little the accomplishment was, we have all done something that we have been proud of and that really means something; even if we begin to overlook them.If you clear your head of all goals for just a minute, you will realize these 12 signs that show you are actually doing better than you think.

1. You Know What You Don’t Want In Life.

As you make choices everyday that help you reach that perfect point in life you desire, it may not seem clear but at the same time you are avoiding things in life you do not want.Even the little things like choosing a particular drink over another type of drink builds character and helps form the type of person you are for the better. Take a moment, think of all the things you have said no to today; doing so helps you better understand yourself and the smallest things could make the biggest difference in the long run.Don’t worry about what the people in your life don’t want in life, doing so could result in you making a choice in life that pleases another and does nothing for you. Appreciate what you don’t want in life just as much and it could push you closer to your desired achievement one day at a time.

2. You Take Responsibility For Your Life.

Speed bumps and obstacles are a normal part of life and they can be very difficult to overcome. Nobody is perfect and everyone will experience some form of hurt; the ending of a relationship being one of the major causes.Whether it be a break up with a boyfriend/girlfriend, a divorce, or the loss of a loved one; we all get affected. Coming to terms with what happened is one of the responsibilities of life one must overcome.Now this doesn’t mean to straight out forget about the death of a loved one, this simply means that this will help prevent you from not completing your long term goals. The past is the past, and the future is for you to decide what it will look like.

3. You Know The Value of Genuine Relationships.

Knowing right from wrong is something everyone understands in some shape or form. The people you surround yourself can cause a person to give up on what’s important in life.Some people have no ambition and no desire to better themselves, and tend to bring down others sometimes without even realizing it. Sticking around toxic people like that are to be avoided and surrounding yourself with people who support and believe in you is a healthy decision for your mind to push you even closer to your desires.

4. You Know There’s More to Life Than Material Possessions.

Everyone likes nice things, this is true. But if you really think about it; how will the newest shoes, newest car, or newest electronic device really help you in the long run?Knowing you can and actually buying things is more often than not, a “thrill purchase” and is the result of an exited feeling about one gets. I may make you feel good about it, but pretty soon you will realize it tends to not do anything for your future. The most rewarding things in life come in the simplest forms that can express more feeling than the newest cell phone can any day.

5. You Don’t Let The Little Things Bother You.

Anger is truly a waste of energy. Whether it is at the hands of an individual, or just something not going quite your way, we all get angry. Instead of unleashing that anger and wasting it on nothing, hold you head up high and use that energy on something productive.Sadly, life is very short and bickering over little and big things will shorten your chances of becoming someone and living a happy and enjoyable life doing what you love to do.

6. You Don’t Let Pride Get In The Way of Asking Questions.

There is no such thing as a “stupid” question; what is “stupid” about feeding yourself knowledge that you get by asking said questions?Knowing you become smarter by asking questions should cancel out any embarrassment you may have felt. After all, maybe that “stupid question” may help you later in life when it comes pursuing your passion.

7. You Know That Life Is About Balance.

Keeping one part of your life equal to another part of your life is never easy, but it is not impossible. Like I’ve stated before no one is perfect, and you shouldn’t try to be.Being the best that you can at anything you attempt is what really gets a person moving in life, and the people who care about you know this too. As you try your best, it is natural for a person to improve every day and as you improve, the better and more balanced your life will be.

8. Your Grateful For What You Do Have.

Let’s face it, life isn’t fair. We all know this, and we know of many examples of this in our everyday life.Some people never have to worry about money ever in life, some people live life check to check, but think about this; someone who comes from a wealthy background can go up to a store a buy the whole store. At the sometime, someone who has little to no money goes up to that same store and barley has enough money for a little trinket he has wanted for awhile now. Which one has more value and is more special; that store that’s filled with stuff you probably don’t even want, or that little trinket?

9. You’ve Picked Yourself Up After Challenges.

Being afraid to fail is something that is common and causes people to drift further and further away from a desire of theirs.Failing is just another day that shouldn’t be looked at in fear. Half the fun in life is failing; a person becomes stronger mentally as a result and that hurdle that they couldn’t jump today, maybe a breeze tomorrow because every day, you get just a little bit smarter.

10. You’ve Made Progress in an Area in Life.

I’ve stated may times; everyday you live you get smarter and prepared for your next day. Whether it is school, pursuing your career, whatever; you’re progressing the more you try.Remember, you are your own person; never compare your skills to another person. This person can do a thing better than you, big deal; there is most likely something you can do that that person will not be able to.We all have our own characteristics and concentrate on progressing in your skills that help you in life.

11. You Add Meaning to The People In Your Life.

You may not realize it, but how you are feeling can greatly affect a loved one. Seeing you in a good mood sometimes is all your loved ones want to see.Every person is special in their own way, and it goes the same way; the people in your life mean something to you. That smile on their faces causes you to work hard, which causes the people who matter to smile back even more seeing you being that special person they need.

12. You’re Striving to Become a Better Person.

You trying your hardest should be enough to convince you that you have that strive. Life may not be easy, but it can be forgivable.Now I’m not saying you should just try to shoot for the top and step on everything and everybody; take your time, be patient. Look up at that goal and never forget it, work on yourself as a person and be the best “you” that you can be, and you may not realize it but the next time you look at that goal, I could be just an arm’s reach away.

By: Roman Diaz


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