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12 Self Awareness Tips For Success And Happiness

Self awareness is an important skill to have in the modern day and if you are self aware, you will make better decisions in life and have better behavioral responses to tasks and to actions. In this article we will take a look at a selection of ways in which to be self-aware.

1. Ask yourself 3 whys

When you are carrying out a task, ask yourself “why” three times as to whether what you are doing is something that is useful and productive.

2. Use vocabulary to express your emotions

Having a limited amount of vocabulary means that you will have limited ways in which to express your emotions. The more forms of language that you have, the more ways you will have in which to analyse and understand your emotions.

3. Use the power of saying “no”

Having the power of saying “no” can be beneficial in many ways. Saying “no” to small tasks which waste your time, such as that of going on social media networks and wasting time in other ways can be extremely beneficial and can help you to get more done.

4. Avoid reactions that are visceral

By avoiding reactions that are visceral, you will have more control over your life and will be able to think more clearly about your actions. Always think first before you do something.

5. Be aware of the flaws that you have

By being aware of the flaws that you have in life, you will be able to develop as a person and will be able to be responsible for your own mistakes. By blaming yourself, and not others, you learn to be a better person.

6. Monitor the voices in your mind

We often have voices in our head that tell us both positive and negative things about ourselves and our actions. However, sometimes these voices can perform on a negative loop and this can lead to depression and negativity. It is therefore important to monitor these voices, and to realise when they are being negative.

7. Be more aware of the body language that you own

By being more aware of your body language, you will understand how to express yourself and will realise that body language can help you feel more confident and more positive. By standing up straight, and moving more, you will feel more positive in life.

8. Practice playing ‘Devils advocate’

Practice playing the ‘Devils Advocate’ so that you can see situations from different perspectives. This will help you make better decisions in life.

9. Understand your own personality

By understanding your own personality, you will be able to deal with situations in a better way. A SWOT analysis can be carried out and will break down your personality into strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

10. Use the power of constructive feedback on a regular basis

Constructive feedback can be a great way in which to see a situation and it can often be a good idea to look for constructive criticism from friends and family.

11. Be reflective and self – evaluate

It is good to be reflective on the decisions and the actions that you take in life, and to self evaluate these so that you can develop as a person and become better in life.

12. Practice meditation

Meditation can be a great way in which to practice self awareness and involves breathing exercises that will help to clear your mind. If you are a beginner, start by doing 10 minutes sessions and then develop these so that you spend more time meditating with each session.

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