12 Principles For New Reality

As you reach the new reality, you are presented with a new kind of consciousness. There are new principles that you need to master in order to function in this new reality in a successful manner. With this knowledge, you have an expanded potential as you will see in this New Reality consciousness.This reality becomes known as the universal consciousness. This essence is what lies behind everything in existence. You can call it Infinite Being due to the awareness behind all of existence.

This New Reality carries with it twelve principles.

1. Nothing is Beyond Infinite Being

Infinite Being holds the whole universe within it. The consciousness of Infinite Being holds the physical world. Infinite Being holds us within its consciousness.

2. Everyone of us is Infinite Being

All of creation has a holographic nature. This means that within the all can be found the one. One example of this is the oak tree. Even though the oak tree brings forth accords, each accord contains the complete form of an oak tree. A picture hologram divided in two will still contain the complete image within both parts.
You are both part of Infinite Being as well as Infinite Being itself. The deepest level of reality shows that you and Infinite Being are one.
Looking at that, each of us are Infinite Being.

3. Life Purpose

Your life purpose is to have a unique, individual experience of life. Each person is unique like a snowflake. If you look at it from a cosmic perspective, you are an Infinite Being expression as an experience from every possible point of view. Through this way, Infinite Being acquires infinite experience through you as well as other forms of life.
As a spirit, the major themes in your life have been pre-planned. You chose your parents, time and place in order to get your life in motion for the exploration of these themes. This results in related events that had a lot of meaning for the impression of your destiny.
So in the sense of pre-planned themes, there is such a thing as Destiny.

There are also different phenomena such as déjà vu. This is where you recognize some scenes as if you have experience them more than once. The explanation is that you have already viewed this experience in a different state of consciousness.

4. Your True Potential can be Explored with Free Will

Free will is most productively used when you are exploring your true potential and in effect making the most of your life experience.

5. Reincarnation

In order to vary your experiences, you have reincarnation. You can also rediscover your consciousness as well while you are in your physical body.

6. The Afterlife

Looking at it from your true personality’s view, passing away from your body is like taking off your clothes. Of course, your clothes are not you. You then move into the spirit world in your spirit body. The spirit realm is where you can heal.

7. Projection Brings Reflection

One known property of this universe is reflection. Some people call this property Karma. According to this principle, your beliefs, actions and emotions, are reflected by life. As these aspects become stronger, the mirror concept becomes more obviously. With every change of your view, the universe reflects your new reality

Sooner or later, you are going to experience manifestation from reflection. The most effective way to change what you don’t like in your life is to find out how you are bringing that out. After that, you can change your point of view and reflection from the universe.

8. Natural Abundance

When you get into the flow and do some work as well as gain a sense of excitement, you get natural abundance. When you want to experience abundance, you follow your inner joy. As you pursue what brings you the most joy, then you will begin to experience the flow of synchronicity. This is how you know from the universe that you are following the right path. This is where everything begins to fall in place and your efforts are supported.

With synchronicity, you get opportunities. People come at the exact time and place that they need to be at. You also experience events, and circumstances when you need it.

9. Love: The Only Reality

Every challenge in life can be solved with unconditional love. Our experience on Earth is to teach us how to love ourselves and others. We also need to learn to give acceptance to ourselves and others, with no type of judgment.
This includes loving the anti-social, the sociopaths and even the destructive. This is where you must learn to differentiate between the person’s beliefs and the inner essence of the person.

10. Self-Responsibility

You are the creator of your own personal reality. Your point of view is reflected in your life.

11. Truth

You are supposed to find your ultimate truth on the inside. However, this is effectively achieved through the study of various pieces of information. Look to your intuition in order to determine what is most helpful for your development.

12. Insight and Inner Connection

Spiritual transformation can be achieved due to inner connection to your source. This could result in reaching your true potential. With a developed intuition, both women and men have insight in their life experience which will further your development.

Daily meditation is the vehicle through which this is achieved. With the practice of meditation, you gain greater intuitive understanding. You also gain spiritual experiences as well as unconditional love. You can make good use of any technique of meditation. However, one very powerful form of meditation is the Infinite Being meditation.

You don’t really need a technique with practice as you discover deeper awareness. Meanwhile, you can look into the Infinite Being meditation as the introduction to higher consciousness.

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