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11 quick tips for attracting positive energy into your life

In today’s fast paced world, we are often faced with fears and insecurities that can lead to a loss of self-believe. This can make it difficult to attract positive energy to your life. However, making a few small changes in your life can make your pursuit of happiness and wellness much more simple. Santosh Joshi, a life coach and motivational speaker, offers these suggestions to help you attract the positive energy you need to live life to its fullest and be happy while doing it.

1.Don’t forget to laugh.

Laughter truly is the best medicine. Taking the time to get a good laugh for at least 15 minutes a day releases feel good hormones, opens up blocked energy channels, and can even help relieve some aches and pains.

2.Embrace a child’s love.

Children simply see the world differently than adults. Their natural exuberance and energy can be a blessing for most of us. Taking the time to have a quick conversation with a child daily can greatly improve the way you view the world and yourself.

3.Surround yourself with vibrant colors.

In recent years, color therapy has become increasingly popular. Colors emit vibrations that impact our psyche and can benefit us in our daily life. For example, blue has been shown to enhance intuition and communication, while yellow improves confidence, orange signifies emotional balance, and red denotes security. Change the colors in your home to those that make you happy. Adopt a wardrobe full of the vibrant colors that indicate how you want others to see you. Use colors to improve your mood and wellness.

4.Make the most of nature.

The earth as an element has the ability to take away negativity. Make your living area a green zone. Take nature walks from time to time. Don’t be afraid to walk around barefoot in your backyard. Find a way to connect with nature and do it often.

5.Absorb music’s power.

The vibration that accompanies sound stirs your inner being. Listen to spiritual chants, hymns, and other music, especially while working out. Your mind won’t wander as easily and you will get the full impact of what you are listening to.

6.Get rid of clutter.

This not only includes the stuff in your car, home, and office, but what is in your mind as well. Clutter blocks the flow of energy within you. When these blocks are in place for extended periods of time, they will take over your entire body and leave you constantly irritable and snippy.

7.Get in touch with your inner self.

15 minutes of meditation every day isn’t difficult and it can have a significant impact on your life. It’s a simple process. Find a comfortable chair and sit down. Take a few deep breaths, while focusing on your breaths going in and out. Imagine your body as a whole with every cell and pore of your body breathing. (This helps draw cosmic energy.)

8.Energize your home.

Fire can burn away negative energies, so take a few seconds to light a candle every day, preferably with a fragrance that relaxes your mind. In addition, open up the windows in your home. This air flow can whisk away negative energy.

9.Press the right points.

Use acupuncture to stimulate the pressure points that decrease stress. For example, when you are feeling really stressed out, press the points around your ear lobes and eyes, as well as between your nose and lips. These points directly connect to nerve endings that control your feelings of uneasiness. Also, pressing your palms can provide immediate relief.

10.Embrace your inner child.

To help you get rid of inhibitions and explore new parts of life, let your inner child out by taking part in activities you used to really enjoy. This includes coloring, jumping on a trampoline, or anything else that takes you back to the happiness of childhood.

11.Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Following a healthy diet and exercise plan, while getting enough sleep is crucial. Try to set a routine, if possible or at least implement a few good practices, such as eating a piece of fruit daily to cleanse your body ordrinking plenty of water to wash away toxins. To improve your concentration, count your steps when walking. Finally, feel and show gratitude. It will fill you with positive energy.

By: Abra Gordon