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10-Week-Old Premature Baby Was Put In A Plastic Bag. What Happened Next? Simply A Miracle!

Jennifer Derwent had no idea that she would give birth to her son ten weeks early, but she was shocked when she saw doctors wrapping her baby in a sandwich bag… It turned out that this plastic bag just saved his life.

Jennifer, 38, suddenly felt slight stomach pain while she was out shopping but she didn’t pay so much attention as she wasn’t due for another 10 weeks.

Jonathan, her husband, sensed something was off, so he rushed his pregnant wife to hospital where she gave birth. But they were baffled when they saw their tiny baby, Isaac, wrapped in a plastic bag.


Isaac’s weight was just 1.7kg when he was delivered and was struggling to survive but, thanks to the UK doctors’ quick thinking, he made a full recovery.

“Straight after being born Isaac was put into a plastic bag and the doctors said it was to regulate his body temperature,” explained Jennifer.


“We do have a picture of him in it, which I am sure we can all laugh about when he gets older,” she says of the viral photo, but recognizes that Isaac’s miraculous recovery was due to the plastic bag.

“It kept him warm and it helped him get better. I was so relieved when I heard him cry — it was an amazing moment.”


Dad Jonathan agreed, adding, “We can’t fault the care we received — the hospital were fantastic with us.”

It just goes to show that even with the most high-tech equipment, the simplest thing can save an infant’s life.