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10 Ways We Lose Touch With Our Authentic Self

Being yourself is a deep and meaningful process, but we often mistake it for things that aren’t true to the essence of our whole being. How does one accomplish this? What does it mean, when we change over time or more often. Being true to yourself is an expression of the deepest parts of your inward and outer natures.No matter what becomes of you in this lifetime; past, present of future tense, your true nature is always with you. The truth of being yourself begins without knowing anything other than what makes you happy, makes you feel loved and makes you love yourself more.When trying to understand our most authentic self, we most focus on positive living patterns. Authenticity is the key to engaging the true self first hand. If you are having problems or feel as if your true self is being lost, these are 10 signs of problematic behaviors in your life.

Your Happiness Takes A Back Seat
When we aren’t engaging our true self, negative emotional states are more frequent and feeling unhappy takes up a large amount of our time. This indicates that something is deeply troubling your internally. Becoming authentic starts with emotional honesty and looking soul deep into ourselves.

Uncomfortable Around People Generally
Being unable to bond with other people, signals that we are unhappy with ourselves. Canceling plans at the last minute or changing schedules without warning, can be signs of discomfort around people we know. This need to break away from such people until we understand our feelings better, can be important.

Judgemental Opinions Are Frequent
Passing judgment on other is based on things we dislike in our own world. If everyone we meet judged us as harshly, your life would probably have far less good people in it. Being authentic means stripping away harshness and hateful prejudice. So we can be open to greater love in life.

Devaluing Your Self Worth
If you don’t value yourself, just as you are. Then what hope can there be for a happy life? Inside your soul something maybe speaking lies to yourself from the past, or even someone who influenced you negatively. Learning to see your own self worth is a valuable life lesson.

You Seek Other Acceptance Too Often
Having the approval of others isn’t a necessity, it usually indicates a cry out for personal validation. Looking to others is looking outside of ourselves. It means you don’t really trust yourself to judge yourself honestly. This is as inauthentic as the self can get.

Negative Emotions Rule Your Life
Feeling negatively happens at times, but getting into a rut with it is damaging to the way we move through life. Allowing your true self image to emerge, allows for loving, living and accepting the world as it truly is. The compassionate mind is able to remove layers of negative thinking and internal programming, so that our inner beauty can shine through accordingly.

Second Guessing Your Intuition
Acting against your higher self, means questioning your heart. If you do this often, decisions will take longer to make. You will probably ignore gut feelings and set yourself back further by indecision or inaction. Our intuition is meant to serve us, so our lives maybe enriched by the guidance of truth. Don’t second guess yourself.

Spending Time With People You Don’t Enjoy
If you don’t like someone, it doesn’t make you a bad person, but feigning a real bond is being false within yourself. If you frequent and spend time with others you don’t respect enough to tell your dislikes to, they are a negative influence. As are you on them, so take a look in your own mirror and ask yourself why?

Doing Activities That You Dislike
If being around people falsely has negative implications, so does engaging in actions or rituals that make you feel negatively. Sometimes it is good to try something new, but being drawn or repelled from anything is a sign it might need to be left for someone else to enjoy.

Failing To Express Your Authentic Self
We have opportunities to express ourselves everyday, our likes, dislikes or just how we see things. When allowed to be true to this aspect of ourselves, it is a formula for personal purity. Authentic expression of the self allows freedom to be healthy, happy and harmonious in daily living.

These 10 signs are only possible areas related to losing touch with your true self. In the long run, taking personal inventory on a regular basis is the best way to achieve authenticity in living, but also eliminate obstacles in your way.Today is a new day, trying being you authentic self for 24 hours.
Just to see how it feels. Living an authentic life is a positive thing. Truth is the only road to your own happiness, so learning to be authentic will lead to a more harmonious and happier life. Blessed be.

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