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10 Warning Signs Of A Depressed Person And How You Can Help With

Depression is a troubling medical condition that affects about 350 million people all over the world. This disease also impacts the lives of family members, spouses, children and friends who are connected to a depressed person. Depression can sometimes be hard to detect. This means that people could have this illness and not realize what is going on with them. An individual might think that they are weak or failing in life, when in reality depression is dragging them down. This is just one way that this very complex disease damages lives.

There are so many different causes that could lead to depression. Biological, genetic, psychological and social characteristics are factors that could cause a person to become depressed. Depression is a disorder of the brain. Medical evidence taken from MRI screenings and emission tomography have been used to verify that a depressed brain functions differently than a normal brain.

Certain areas of the brain such as the amygdala, hippocampus and thalamus are usually impacted by depression. Studies also reveal that he amygdala has unusually high activity when a person is clinically sad or extremely depressed. This is more evident with people who suffer from manic depression.

Chemical imbalances in the brain also lead to depression. When people experience traumatic situations such as relationships difficulties, loss of loved ones or some type of trauma; these situations usually create changes in a person’s brain. Once a chemical imbalance has occurred it might be hard to get them back to normal.

Knowing the causes that lead to depression is important. It is also important for people to be able to recognize the symptoms of depression. There are certain behavioral traits that are common among all depressed people. Knowing what they are could help a person and their loved ones.

Here are 10 common signs of depression:

1. Depressed people typically do not like being around other people. They do not want to deal with rejection or being viewed as the negative person in a group. They usually have few or no friends, labeled as anti-social, avoid direct contact with others, lack of interaction with family, pessimistic and they often have low self esteem.

2. People who are depressed perform their chores and handle their responsibility with less enthusiasm. They also lose interest in the activities that they once enjoyed in the past.

3. Alcohol and drug use typically increases with depressed people. These substances help them to cope. In most cases drug and alcohol use leads to addiction.

4. Mood swings are common in depressed people. The chemical imbalance that they experience in their brains causes them to react in this manner. Certain words or memories could also trigger a mood swing in depressed people.

5. Changes in eating patterns. Depressed people typically eat very little or they pig out on a lot of food. Keep in mind that many depressed people do not change their eating habits at all.

6. When a person is tired all of the time, it could be a sign of depression. The lack of enthusiasm to do things or to get things accomplished is usually a sign of depression.

7. Depression also affects a person’s sleep patterns. Some depressed people will sleep most of the day away while other depressed people will get by with just a few hours of rest. Keep in mind that many depressed people have normal sleep patterns as well.

8. When a person is depressed it can be hard for them to make decisions or to use good judgment. Their cognitive, decision making and concentration function are usually affected by depression.

9. Depressed people can inflict pain on themselves as a means to relieve the negative emotions and feelings that they have been experiencing. Cutting or beating themselves is not an uncommon thing for depressed people.

10. Suicidal thoughts or behaviors could also be a sign of depression. Sometimes people honestly believe that there is no way out of their depression. At his point a person will need to seek psychological and medical help to change their depressed state.

People that knows someone who is depressed can help them by talking to them and helping them to find practical solutions for their problem. Let them know that they are not alone and that you are willing to help them through their difficulty. Supporting a person with depression is a good way to help a person to manage or alleviate this condition. Depression is treatable and people can overcome this medical problem. Knowing the facts about depression can help people to treat and overcome this disease.