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10 things that parents who raise confident kids do

The goal of every parent is to cater for the welfare and health of children. As parents, we always try our best to ensure that our children have improved self-esteem and confidence. This helps us to raise confident children. We also show them love, give them security and make them happy. Apart from parents, teachers, strangers and friends also play a role in raising up children. According to Carl Pickhardt , a psychologist and author of 15 parenting books, a kid without confidence will not be willing to try out new things for fear of failing or disappointing others. Anything that we teach our kids should start with us parents. We should therefore be confident if we want them to be confident. We simply cannot give what we lack. This is part of parenting advice.

These Are The 10 Things Parents Should Do To Make Their Kids Confident:

Allow Them To Solve Problems On Their Own
No parent wants his/her child to struggle. But it is advisable that you let your children solve problems on their own and find the right answers. By so doing, they will know that they have not failed and instead learn that it is an opportunity to do things in a different way. Share with them what you know.

Acknowledge Their Efforts
You should recognize the things that your children do and encourage them to keep up. Even if they do not complete a given task, encourage them to continue so that they do not feel like they have failed. Make your child know that failure is a chance to try things in a different way so as to achieve set goal.

Teach Them The Foundation of Success
Foundation of success is based on trials and errors of life challenges. It is important that you teach your children that they can work hard and succeed. Reward them when they successfully accomplish things both at home and school.

Support And Endorse Curiosity
When you play with your children, you will create a bond of respect and love. This is also an opportunity to let them explore the world around them. It is good for their soul. Don’t confine them in the house where they watch TV or play games on computer. Let them have the desire to ask questions and try new things.
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Give Them Responsibilities
Assign your children chores so that they can carry them out and feel good about themselves. For instance cleaning house, washing clothes, cutting grass and more. This will help to increase their worth. They will learn that they should take care of what belongs to them.

Participate In Your Child’s Education
Do not leave this responsibility to teachers alone. Take part.A child who knows that his parent is part of his education works harder at school. You should study together with your kid and help him to handle some questions. This is positive reinforcement.

Help Your Children Share Their Feelings
Allow your children to express their feelings and emotions as long as they are doing so in a healthy manner. Do not stop them because that will add stress.

Provide Them With Challenges
It is advisable to provide your child with challenges. This will help to enrich them and keep their brain at work. There are certain games which can help to achieve this.

Don’t Judge or Criticize Your Child’s Performance
Avoid judging and criticizing the performance of your children. This will discourage them. Instead, praise them for anything good they do. Be specific in your acclamation.

Recognize And Praise Them For Their Struggle
Focus on what your child does and praise him for his efforts in whatever he is doing as long as it is a good thing.
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In conclusion, children who are supported at home by their parents can overcome anything in life. For you to raise confident children, you have to be confident yourself. You should serve as an example.