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10 Things That Keep Happy Couples Happy

Some couples seem to have been together for what seems like forever. Whilst other people seem to have several relationships but no success with keeping a partner over the same period of time.


If a couple have been together for twenty or thirty years most people would assume that it has taken lots of effort and hard work to have kept together for so long. Yet often the couples, who have stayed happy together for so long have just stuck to get the little things right for each other.


Here are some of those little things that relationships happy:


  1. Pay attention to your other half


Always listen to your partner, even when you have got a lot on your plate. There are few things ruder than telling your partner something and them not even pretending to listen to you.


  1. Show love and affection


Life has this bad habit of getting on top of us all. We get so busy we do not seem to have the time to spare a quick hug. Couples that do not find the time to share their physical attraction to each other can easily and unintentionally drift apart.


  1. Always remember your manners


Most of us inadvertently start to take our partners for granted. We forget our please and thank yous. Just because people are people are married to each other it does not justify forgetting our manners. You have to give respect to get it back.


  1. Show your grateful to still be together


When couples have been together for a long time they sometimes forget to tell each other how special they really are. Do not assume that your partner knows that you still love them, tell them that you still love them, and tell each other as often as you can.


  1. Ask each other how you are


Modern life can be hectic, most of us know that. You have both got to go to work, one of you has to do the school run, and you only ever seem to talk about bills. Send each other a quick text, an email, or a phone call on your lunch break. Do any of those things just because you can do them.


  1. Keep Flirting


Couples that keep flirting with each other help to keep the romance alive. If she gets you going by the way she puts her hands through her hair, ask her to do it when you are alone. Conversely, if his black tie always does the trick ask him to wear it outside of working hours.


  1. Do something together


Whether it is planning a trip to the coast, a weekend away to see your favorite bands, or just cooking tonight’s tacos do something together. Working together as a team increases the bond between you.


  1. Make sure you have fun


Find ways to make each other laugh, and to laugh whenever you can. Just because life can get really serious at times does not that you have to. There is nothing wrong with acting like giggling kids every now and again.


  1. Forgive each other


The longer people are together the more likely they are to do things to upset each other. Forgive your partner if they have done something wrong. If it is you that has done something wrong say that you are sorry and mean it.


  1. Support each other’s aspirations and dreams


We should have goals and dreams that will hopefully make our lives better. Couples that thrive tend to back each other’s aspirations and dreams. Having dreams helps to all think about our futures and work towards making better ones.


So lots of little steps make relationships work better, as long as you are willing to take them.