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10 Spiritual Truths The World Should Embrace

Spiritual truths are beliefs that profoundly change your world once you begin to embrace them. Although religion is an afterthought in these modern times, there is no reason for people to ignore their spiritual side. We all have one.

Image what the world would be like if everyone recognized these spiritual truths:

  • 1. Spirits on a Journey

We are all spiritual beings who are on a human journey. We picked this life to live. As we entered this life through the tunnel of life in our new mother, we start to forget all we knew before. We take a risk in not remembering, but we must do so in order to live this current life.

However, we are never disconnected from the whole; our lifeline stretches long and thin to place us in this present time. Our journey here is to strengthen this connection and grow our ties between our fellow human travelers.

  • 2. Souls Never Die

When we die, our cord of life becomes disconnected and our energy flows back to the source. We leave our human bodies, but remember our human memories – from all of our previous lives. We take our experiences, but our focus is changed and we exist on a different level of vibration.

  • 3. Everything is Energy

Everything on this planet is made of energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. We are all connected to an infinite energy source and are capable of connecting to the consciousness of rocks and trees. By tuning into their vibrational frequency we are able to understand each other. Our bodies are made of water – 90% – and we can use the vibrations within our bodies and mold them into certain frequencies through our thoughts, sounds, colors, and love. Once we understand that we are energy that constantly vibrates we can understand why alternative and holistic treatments can cure diseases in our body.

  • 4. Thoughts Create Reality

We are who we are because that is who we wish to be. If we don’t like who we are then we can change this simply by changing our thinking. People who focus their lives on negative things are lowering their vibrational frequency, while the positive thinkers are raising this frequency. To change from negative thinking to positive thinking you just need to constantly be aware of what your thoughts are. Redirect them to the positive – after a while it gets easier. Thoughts are energy, focus on putting out good vibes and you get more in return.

  • 5. The Right Place, At the Right Time

We are living this life because we choose to do so. We volunteered for this job, answering a call from the consciousness of planet Earth. We are a planet of many races and dimensions of beings, joined here from far away galaxies, universes, and cosmoses. We came here to correct something that we feel we left undone in our previous lives. All other journeys were leading to this one.

  • 6. We Have Been Here Before

Some people swear that this lifetime is our last chance to find balance in our actions while letting go of the karma. This may or may not be true for every living being. Some of us have lived many times before this life and have returned because we have something to do that will effect not only our planet, but the whole universe and beyond. What this could mean is one of the biggest secrets of all time. Will we achieve this in this incarnation cycle, or will we have to come back for more schooling?

  • 7. We Are Not Alone

Our existence on this planet may seem like a lonely one, but you should understand that you are never alone. You have your spirit guide and angels watching over you at all times. You cannot see them because their energy exists in a higher dimension than ours. Our guides can not interfere in our lives, but you can ask them for help and they are more than happy to find a way to manifest whatever it is you are asking for. Often you will hear voices in your head – telepathy at work – that may come from your spirit guide or from whatever vibrational level you have tapped into, including other humans.

  • 8. Time Is an Illusion

Time is a man made constraint put upon us. There is no past, no future… there is only now – the present. Even then our souls really exist in a place of ‘no time’. Meditation is the key to finding where the world of ‘no time’ is, and where you will find a lot of answers.

  • 9. Ascension

Ascension is a state of being that takes our consciousness to a higher vibrational frequency. We do not “rise up to the heavens” when we die, we just become a different form of energy – free to move about, connected to the Source. Your reward after this incarnation is to rise like the phoenix into the light of love. This can only be achieve by learning of love itself.

  • 10. Love is the Answer

The most important thing any of us can do in this lifetime is to find as many sources of unconditional love as we can. We are all sparks from the main energy source, and that means we are all love. Therefore, we must spend our time on this planet seeking to love ourselves first, and holding dear all others.

Change will come when all of humanity knows of these truths. We cannot force others to live by these truths, we just have to “be” the truth and hope the rest of the world will follow. Those of us who are already enlightened, and hold dear these simple truths, are now the teachers who must speak the truth. When you look inside yourself and know you are responsible for your own thoughts and actions, you can delight in knowing you are on the correct path in this current journey. Work towards love… love is the answer. It is up to us to create a future that humanity will enjoy together in peace.

Source: The Open Mind

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