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10 Signs For Recognizing Your True Calling

It was a daunting task how I got to know my true calling. As I progressed through the education system, confusion set in as other professions made impressions upon me. There are a few things I have learned will help one recognize their true calling.

Training Everything

This has happened in your life since childhood is a schooling to your true calling. This includes the bad things like divorce, death of loved ones and failure in many endeavors. These were meant to tech you what you needed to learn to be who you were called to be.

Mystical Happenings

There are and will always mystical happening in your life. They will be timely and exact to the point of being miraculous. It will be too much to be coincidental each time they happen. These are to make you realize you are being guided to your destination.


This happens when you deviate from you path of calling. The miracles disappear. In their place comes obstacle of every kind. It will feel like a huge force stands before you to make life a miserable experience. These incidents diminish only when you steer back to the right path.


It will be a little confusing, for you will expect that when on the right path, all trouble to disappear. They do not stop completely. The only difference is while on the right path, they will be scattered. They will be like road signs point you to the right turn. You can however know the difference because in the wrong path obstacles seem to be piling on each other.

Magical mentors

When you are on the right path, your mentors will appear just when you need them. They come with the tools you really needed to support you in your journey.


Your health will improve and the aches and discomforts will disappear. If you were battling with chronic illnesses you start to regain ground and they subside by the day. Take Andy Mackie as an example. At the age of 59 years with nine heart surgeries and 15 medications to be taken each day, he decided to stop it all. He had always wanted to buy harmonics complete with harmonica lessons and give them to children. The doctor gave him only one year to live.

Thirteen years later and 20,000 harmonics given to children, he finally passed on, a happy man who had made a difference in the lives of many children.

Money Flowing

I am not suggesting you may not encounter bankruptcy or empty bank accounts. But you will notice that just in the nick of time, when at the dead center of your life’s purpose, you are provided for almost magically. It is then that you learn to be fearless.

Inner Peace

You learn to be peaceful in the face of instability and adversity. Some will think of you as crazy. A part of you will agree with them but the inner wise you will know, that you finally have set yourself apart. You are now heading to the fulfillment of every success meant for you.

The Red Carpet

The time comes as you glide to your achievements. The universe bends backward to minister to your needs. Someone supplies you with a printer just when you needed one to print fliers or a printing deal comes in when what they are asking is all you had to make it happen, not a penny more. You feel the support even when you are not sure what you are on track to do.


Most people if not all will not achieve their true and great purpose in life alone. They need a support team of the same mind to help them get things done. When you are on course, this team will be delivered. You only need be vulnerable enough to rise to your calling.

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