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10 Signs To Look For In An Authentic Person

Being real or authentic is becoming a common trait looked for in a person. What does it mean to be authentic? When a person is being real or authentic with you they are being themselves. It is a showing of their genuine personality. Many people wear a mask in the different aspects of life, but an authentic person never wears this mask, no matter what’s going on. Authentic people tend to be very comfortable with themselves and typically happy with their lives. Spotting the traits of authentic people is fairly easy if you know what to look for.

When someone takes the time to examine themselves in order to better understand themselves have a tendency to be authentic. This trait is one that allows a person to not only see their mistakes, but to also learn from them.

Live in the Present
Along with being able and willing to study their mistakes authentic people don’t dwell on their mistakes. Instead they move forward. They don’t worry about the past and instead live in the present. Living life day to day, even during the struggle, means making the most of life.

Authentic people are not as willing to judge others as most of society. This is because they look at their own mistakes and understand that everyone makes mistakes from time to time. Instead of seeing color, religion or any other identifying factor they see people for who they are.

Plan Ahead
The long-term plan is always somewhere on their mind. They may live in the moment, but they also know where they want to be years down the road. These types of people look at working towards their long-term goal and don’t worry as much about following the trends of society.

An authentic person is someone you’ll remember. They have a personality that can be very easy to get along with. They value their honestly and honor more than the more common selfish emotions of society. Someone being real will take responsibility for their actions and will work hard to fulfill their promises.

You don’t have to worry about an authentic person being wishy washy. They know what they want and work to achieve that goal. This means they normally have a straight path ahead of them and know their feelings on a large range of topics.

Good Listeners
When you speak with a person who is being real they will talk with you and hear what you have to say. They are having the conversation with you because they want to hear what you have to say. This makes them great listeners and they will answer you thoughts, concerns or opinions with honest reactions.

Without a doubt an authentic person is honest. They may tell a little white lie to save hurt feelings over really small stuff but otherwise they will tell you the truth of the matter. This is because they are honest with themselves and feel that they should be honest with others.

Respecting one’s self can be hard, but in order to like yourself you have to respect yourself. This ties in to being honest and consistent. They know who they are, what they want and try to treat others with the same respect they want.

It takes guts to be who you are and stick to your guns even when lots of other people don’t agree with you. The bravery it takes to be different from the cookie cutter “yes men” that roam around is enormous. Authentic people have the courage to be real.