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10 Signs You Are An Ambivert: What Are They And What Are You

So your friends invite you to a gathering. It sounds great but so does going home and reading a book. Deciding between these two is difficult because both seem enjoyable.

This is a sign of someone who is an ambivert. Ambiverts aren’t loners, but they aren’t outgoing. In some cases, people fit into definite categories, but most fall in the middle. There are several factors which influence our preference for being alone or with others such as our environment or moods.

What Type Am I?

So are you an introvert or extrovert? Well, Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist, developed the Theory of Temperaments. In this theory he identified two distinct attitudes and proposed that people fall into one category or the other.

Extroverts like new environments and being with others. Introverts like being left to their own thoughts. Jung pointed out negatives in each personality. He felt that extroverts were concerned with how people viewed them, spent less time on self evaluation and were more open to societal conventions while extroverts were antisocial and lacked self confidence.

Being Somewhere In The Middle Is Best

The journal Pyschology Science conducted a study in an outbound call center and concluded that ambiverts may experience the most success business wise. Over a three month time period, individuals who had a mix of introvert and extrovert did better in sales revenue. The results maintain that ambiverts are able to be assertive and easy-going. They can build rapport with people even while trying to sell them something.

If you’re curious about which category you fall into, familiarize yourself with the personality traits of ambiversion.

10 Signs Someone Is An Ambivert

1. They’re not the first or last to leave at parties.

Ambiverts aren’t the first to speak. However, they do enjoy engaging with people. They’re also fine with leaving when things are coming to a close.

2. They spend time alone and with friends.

Ambiverts love spending time alone, but also schedule an equal amount of time to visit friends.

3. They’re okay with with new people and new environments.

Ambiverts may feel uncomfortable in new environments but that doesn’t stop them from leaving their comfort zones and experiencing new things.

4. They’re amusing but they aren’t the life of the party.

Ambiverts can make others laugh, but they’re also comfortable with allowing others to be the jokester.

5. They think before they speak.

Ambiverts choose their words carefully and consider their thoughts before speaking.

6. They don’t overshare.

Ambiverts carry on balanced conversations. They never share too much. They speak when it’s their turn.

7. Being bored is okay.

Ambiverts are okay with being alone. This helps them to recharge for the next social gatherings.

8. They can express their feelings.

Ambiverts easily express themselves because they’re well acquainted with their thoughts. They’re genuine and are curious about others.

9. They’re not too sensitive.

Ambiverts are empathetic, but they aren’t touchy nor do they over analyze people’s emotions.

10. They’re not easily discouraged.

Ambiverts handle change well. They’re optimistic and can work either independently or with others.