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10 Practical Ways You Can Use To Remain Positive

Some days it can feel like the whole world is against you and that everything is destined to go wrong. This happens to everyone at some time, but how you react to these situations can really make a difference to how you feel at the end of the day. When things begin to go wrong it is very easy to slip into a negative mind frame and approach situations with a defeatist attitude, however if you try and turn things around and remain positive you may find that you begin to achieve far better results.

Next time you are having ‘one of those days’ try one of the following methods to try and maintain a positive frame of mind and see what a difference it can really make when you don’t allow negative situations to bring you down;

1. Alter Your Perceptive

By choosing to view a difficult situation or negative experience differently, it is possible to find at least one positive aspect or outcome. By trying to focus on the bright side and remaining optimistic about things it is far easier to find ways to move forward.

2. Maintain A Positive Environment

By making sure that you are surrounded by positive people and a pleasant environment it is far easier to feel at peace with the world. Try and limit the contact you have with situations that damage your self-worth, if you find certain things, such as social media, television programs or toxic people affect you negatively, try and keep a distance from them.

3. Take Things At Your Own Pace.

If we constantly rush through life it is easy to become overwhelmed with stress and feel constantly unfulfilled. By trying to take things at your own pace and making the time to appreciate the smaller things in life you will find you feel much more in control and satisfied with your life in general.

4. Try not to Overthink Things.

Overthinking can burn you out mentally and make you so confused that you end up making bad decisions. Try and focus on the facts, keep perspective, make decisions and move on. Allowing something to take over your mind will cloud your judgement and take your focus away from other, equally important situations.

5. Face Your Fears

Allowing self doubt or other fears enough power to stop you from doing what you truly want is a path to unhappiness, by facing things that we are scared of we give ourselves the opportunity to grow and take things forward. A lot of fears are based on what might happen and turn out to be unfounded, so try and ignore any self doubt and focus on what you are able to achieve instead.

6. Help Others Remain Positive

Supporting other people around you and helping them to remain strong through times of difficulty will help you to maintain a positive and balanced environment around you. By helping others to see the positive side of things and appreciate life you will find this attitude is returned more often, making you and others around you far happier.

7. Maintain Your Health

Being unhealthy can not only drain your energy but also affect your frame of mind. Make sure that you eat well and get enough regular sleep and exercise to maintain your body’s health. You will be amazed how much better you feel if you stick to a regular routine and ensure that you look after yourself properly.

8. Try and Accept Criticism Gracefully

When others draw attention to your faults it is easy to take their comments to heart and react badly. If people are critical towards you try and ignore any negative emotions that you may feel and focus on what they actually said. Most people make suggestions because they are genuinely trying to help, see if there is something you can learn from what they said.

9. Don’t Bottle Up Your Feelings

Suppressing or trying to hide from negative emotions will cause you constant underlying stress. If you feel really unhappy of confused about something talk it through with someone you trust or find another way to release your feeling by writing, listening to music or exercise.

10. Make Sure You Get A Positive Start To Each Day

Begin each day and positively as possible, make time to do something you like such as reading, playing some tunes or exercising, this will help you to attend to the days tasks with far more motivation. It is also a good idea to complete your most important tasks first so you can feel more relaxed as the day unfolds.

By: Becki Page