10 Aspects of An Indigo Person

Indigo people are unique individuals with amazing creative skills and unmatched intuition. With a different way of viewing and experiencing life, the traits of an Indigo may make them feel as if they do not fit in with the rest of the world. While many people may have a few traits similar to those of an Indigo, a true Indigo will have most, if not all, of the ten amazing traits below.

1. High Intelligence:

An Indigo may not have gotten good grades in their classes in school, but are highly intelligent. Confinement to a classroom, lecture, or other structured learning environment does not combine well with the way the Indigo mind works. Their energy and tendency to be quickly bored may have led to an Attention Deficit or similar diagnosis in childhood. In adulthood, their excellent memory and deep conceptual understanding reflects an aptitude for lifelong learning through experience and insight.

2. Curiosity:

In conjunction with the above-mentioned intelligence, intense curiosity about both the physical and spiritual world is a fuel for the Indigo mind. Whether interested in how something works, trying something new, or seeking to understand themselves and others through religion or science, the Indigo person has an appetite for understanding everything they see and desire to explore.

3. Creative Imagination:

Indigos are artists, innovators, musicians, and authors. An abundant amount of creative tendencies, a flexible mind, and ingenious gifts lead Indigos to need an outlet for invention and inspired thought.

4. Honesty:

The Indigo person is honest, sometimes to a fault. They become angry and disillusioned with people who have a casual relationship with the truth. They seek truth, even when it is to their own detriment, and while not easily offended they are deeply hurt when not trusted or accused of lying.

5. Forgiving:

Even when hurt by lies or false accusations, Indigos most often chose to forgive and understand the misgivings of others. A deep kindness and loving nature drives them to understand that no one is perfect, and they are likely to embrace and accept a sincere apology without reservation. They may be more forgiving to someone who hurt them as opposed to an individual who purposely hurt someone else, as they may withhold forgiveness from those who would do damage to another less able to emotionally handle heartache or pain.

6. Rebellious:

If you try to tell an Indigo that they must do something, they likely will do the opposite or balk at the request. Their hearts, minds, and bodies belong to no one except the Indigo him- or herself. A great desire for freedom and fear of losing free rein may cause the Indigo to appear resistant to orders or guidelines of any kind.

7. Childlike:

Arm in arm with the Indigo trait of rebellion is a youthful quality to the Indigo personality, regardless of age. An almost innocent desire for fun and joy, mixed with the impish desire to be just a little naughty is reflected in the sense of humor and sometimes frivolous nature of the Indigo.

8. Natural Tastes:

Indigo people tend to prefer a natural diet. Fruits, veggies, and other natural foods tend to be dietary staples. Some claim to be sensitive to medications, additives, and other processed items. An Indigo will likely choose a glass of coll, crisp water over a soft drink.

9. Natural Surroundings:

The outdoors, the night sky, fresh air, and clean waterways will draw an Indigo to seek them. Feeling their best when surrounded by nature, possibly due to a connection with all living things, the Indigo will choose to walk on the beach or down a forest trail instead of a social event or crowded movie theater.

10. Intuition:

Along with their deep connection to the living world around them, Indigo people are highly perceptive. Some label it as psychic gifts, medium ship, or excellent understanding of human nature and emotions. However categorized, the Indigo person is plugged in to the world at large. They tend to make predictions that manifest into reality and understand what people are feeling without having to ask.

When looking into how to identify an Indigo person, the best way is to apply the traits above with complete honesty. The truth is, if you are an Indigo person, nothing except the truth will do anyway! A greater calling than a job or finance will pull the Indigo to find out more about him- or herself, as looking for a greater connection to the world and understanding “all-that-is” can be the greatest and most amazing calling of all.


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